SOPHIE interview


Totally agree. Only hardware I have is a MD, a MnM and a MIDI controller. Unless mics and guitars and amps count :stuck_out_tongue:


For Sure the demos are usually pretty blip bloopy, which has it place but I agree there sales where pop


Mäag EQ4 as well?

Really interesting to see Sophie embracing a wider set of gear. Exciting things to come in future.


she actually did make this on the Mono. there’s a video of her playing the demo of it straight from her Monomachine - live.




I was wrong. Just rewatched it and it was just Serum. For some reason I thought I saw a cut with Massive on screen briefly. My mistake.


I’d very much like to see this.

Also, your Sophie obsession is bordering on unhealthy :stuck_out_tongue: Is it time for an Elektronauts intervention?


im not exactly obsessed. i’m just really into find more about how SOPHIE does her sound design and stuff. I like other things too ya know. :roll_eyes:


raises hand total SOPHIE fangirl here <3


No it’s not :slight_smile:

Gross. Lol.


the sample pack kinda takes the fun away from desigining sophie like sounds from scratch imo…


Everyone has a different opinion. For some it’s a gold mine, for others they’d rather run the path, discover the knowledge, and then take it somewhere.

You do you.