SOPHIE interview


Yeah it is so easy these days to just Google an artist and find unpleasant viewpoints that ruin the Art. On the other hand, I don’t want to fund any form of hatred so I would rather know, I think.


Yes :thup:


Probably by the same kind of muppets that came up with “EDM”.


Misappropriation of genre names is nothing new, when acid house came out suddenly almost everything with a 4/4 beat was called acid house for a few years.


I made a conscious decision around a year ago to loosen up a bit in regards to recent subgenres of electronic music, and start giving them more of a chance. I’ve made some great discoveries (like SOPHIE and PC Music stuff in general, as well as footwork, future bass etc). I just really don’t want to become one of those people who doesn’t listen to anything made less than 20 years ago; I was dangerously close!


Yes you have to keep open minded, never too old to learn or discover! That said it can be a fine line between not being ‘a dinosaur’ and letting the youngsters have their own thing, I remember being 18/19 at raves in the 80’s and seeing people who were probably only 30 and thinking they were old and wondering if they even…


@Ray-Ray_Velouria & @AlexCase - Agreed on the misunderstanding of genres but like @darenager says, this sort of things isn’t new.

Having said that, for some reason I still get incredibly wound up by those who want to blanket everything with a hint of electronic vibes to it as EDM! From experience, it’s typically come from the increase in popularity in electronic music in The States (Skrilliex for example) and an odd need to create a “new” genre for what is ultimately an offshoot of existing styles.

As for dubstep, in its classic sense, its a genre I’ve struggled with. However, I quite enjoy a few “post dubstep” acts (James Blake, SBTRKT).

I’m not one to follow genres in general though. Quite happy to discover shit by accident.


It’s kinda funny how this thread ended up discussing genre boundaries considering how many of these SOPHIE gleefully smashes through. :slight_smile:


I wish Sophie would get off my lawn.


I gotta say I happen to live in a cool community where many older people like to come out and dance and it’s completely normal to have people from teens to a few in their 60’s even at the parties…
Healthy amount of late 40’s and some in their 50’s rocking it on the dance floor at 1:00AM and nobody bats an eye… A lot of them are good friends with some of the younger people really…

Northern California… Hippy roots, community love, that kind of stuff…
Here there are certain “elders” that have been partying since before we were born, they know how to do it better than us without harming oneself or someone else and are quite respected and welcome to have around, often seen on dance floors getting down… :smile:


where in norcal are you mike? i’m up here in humboldt


I have to move there, i am getting older ( like every being on this planet) but but don’t accept this age barrier. I think it is artificial and unhealthy for community, we need to hang all together, no segregation what so ever… That said i go climbing a lot, and it is great community, no segregation. And yes, older climbers know better and love youngsters around to keep them save and to help the evolution of climbing :wink:


Gotta say that I’ve recently been on a big PC Music kick, especially Hannah Diamond and Charli XCX. AG Cook and Danny L Harle are doing some very exciting things right now. It’s really refreshing to me to hear electronic pop done so well, and with tongue so firmly in cheek.


Out of interest, what makes “PC Music” that different from a chunk of UK chart music of the past 15 years or so? Don’t hear anything new to warrant a sub genre myself.

For the record - not got a problem with the music, I don’t mind Charli XCX!


Nevada City… :wink:


nice! almost close enough for a jam session


I lived with 65 year old for a few years and often I felt like the older one, I was 34…
He went to more parties and was generally more active than me and often I could not keep up with him…
He had white hair and beard and was really good friends with lots of folks in their 20’s and 30’s, he got a long with them so well that they really didn’t really see him as older, just one of them…
Only difference is once in awhile when shit got serious, if he then said some wise words people would actually listen and care instead of dismissing it if the same came from a younger person… That’s when we noticed he had a huge white beard… :wink:
He always was having so much fun too, he taught me to never grow old…
If I’m anything like him when I’m older I’ll act younger than I am now… :joy:


Jam session could happen at some point, I’d be down…
Half my stuff is in storage and my life is kind of discombobulated right now…
Maybe in a few months or something, I need to pull some things together in general first…
Maybe a few other norcal nauts might want to come… :thinking:
I say we keep it on the back burner…

OK, should probably get back to Sophie, I love a good tangent though…


Really interesting to read this thread and the latest comments about SOPHIE’s output. I have massive love for PC Music, particularly A.G. Cook.


Love that track. I had the DISown PC Music mix on constantly for over a year 2014/2015.

I can see/hear why it would really get on people’s teeth, but I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s perfectly produced tongue-in-cheek helium-infused pop. So unlike the stuff I used to listen to - it was almost an antidote.