SOPHIE interview


She is unrecognisable from how she looked 4 years ago and obviously feels massively empowered by the change, if the new tunes are anything to go by!


Sounds very Die Antwoord to me, not my thing but I can see why it is popular.

Very saccharin DAW driven stuff like this never connects with me, it is almost competitive, which I suppose it is really. No question of the talent though.


My thoughts exactly.


That is extraordinary! Love the first half with the fucked up deep vocal, not so keen on the second half.


" The language of electronic music shouldn’t still be referencing obsolete instruments like kick drum or clap."

OK, whatever you say, Sophie.


What I mean is the rapid structural and timbral changes, attention seeking drops/builds/embellishments, and overall automated nature of the compositions that are typically constructed in a DAW, same as dubstep or glitch or other heavily edited material, these things only really came about in the era of the DAW or at least digital editing.

Of course people like the Beastie Boys, Mantronix and lots of others were doing similar stuff with edits in pre DAW times, and prior to that tape splicing and manipulation made similar techniques possible, but for the most part anyone doing the kind of music Sophie makes nowadays is reliant on a DAW, hence DAW driven.


Attention seeking is the word here.


Yes it is, ear worm is another good description - love it or hate it, this kind of music is reliant on being almost impossible to ignore when it is playing.


Must be an age thing but I lost interest in all the new hip electronic genres since “dub step” came out. It all sounds pretty vacuous to me… A rehash of stuff that’s already been done before, (mainly from electro and jungle producers) but dumbed down and repackaged in shiny plastic for people on bad drugs… No offense meant… It’s just a matter of taste!


Whilst it does absolutely nothing for me either, I can appreciate the skill required, and in todays short attention span fast moving culture it is almost inevitable to be successful in the short term, it will be interesting to see how it ages though, will people be listening in 20 years, probably not but then again isn’t that the whole point? Fuck nostalgia :wink:


Totally understand where you are coming from. I just turned 46 and my beard is almost entirely grey. I find my self hating new stuff more and more.

Usually though, the music I initially hate turns out to be the music I love the most.

The best Art provokes the strongest reactions?


lol, I don’t know if I’d go that far :slight_smile: I don’t believe that the level of emotional reaction is necessarily an indicator of quality of Art.

(I mean … it’s pretty easy for humans to upset each other. Without being a good artist you can create something that provokes strong negative reactions.)


Well Sophie has been producing and releasing very succesful music for at least 4 years, that I know of. I’m still listening to the early stuff. It still sounds like The Future to me.


I’m older too (48) I generally don’t like most modern genres either, but I’m ok with that, let the kids have their scene same as we did, our parents probably hated our music - good - and in a funny way just as it should be, or if not the kids are doing something wrong :rofl:


Nothing as strong as hate unless I’m forced to listen to it. More like a total lack of interest! There is still amazing stuff being released, for sure… but it’s unlikely to find it on the latest internet viral thing.


That’s an interesting way of looking at it… I do tend to stand right at the back at gigs, in case seeing a ‘grandad’ ruins a youngster’s buzz!


Cool man, it is all down to what connects and our individual perceptions, the best thing is that we have all this choice to find our own very personal soundtracks :thup:


I did frame it as a question and ‘best’ is subjective.

I do strongly believe that the Worst Art is that which provokes no reaction at all.


Can a tune be both Amazing and Popular?

I doubt Pony Boy would ever go viral.

However, I can imagine it being Number 1 on Top of the Pops, playing out as angry parents phone the BBC in disgust - just like they did with Fire Starter in the 90s and Karma Karma Chameleon in the 80s.


I fully appreciate that :smiley: My reply was made with love and respect.

Well, from my subjective viewpoint, Art that uses cheap tricks to make people feel icky or bad, is the “worst” art. I (might) rate art that provokes no reaction at all, above art that is made with bad intentions or by bad means.

(I’m one who might decide to deliberately not learn too much too quickly about an artist whose art I enjoy, because I find it really hard to disassociate the artist from the art. Discovering that the artist is an MRA or a racist or a misogynist or whatever will turn me right off. So, we all have our blind spots, right? :slight_smile:)