SOPHIE interview


Sophie wasn´t a producer on that album. The Instagram pic came after the album was released.


What’s the date of that interview?

SOPHIE is fkn awesome.


How nice to revisit this thread after 3.5 years and see the love for Sophie these days.

Has anyone posted this yet - her most hardcore track yet - Pony Boy:

Make sure your sub is switched on.




Hehe. That’ll blow the cobwebs off your speakers.


No, I mean I find that music extremely unpleasant.


I have Venetian Snares for blowing cobwebs.


I really enjoy Snares for similar reasons. What don’t you like about the Sophie track? It’s inventive, powerfull, well-produced, electronic and bonkers - like a lot of Snares stuff. Or Autechre. Or Aphex.

Except this is, I would argue, a more modern take on those same themes.


I just don’t like that vibe at all.


I also think that it isn’t so different from Venetian Snares neither.
It does require a plus of open mindnesness thought, mainly because of the girly stuff and the need to not being afraid of being “gay” or something like that.
That playfull-pop-feminine approach to mad-sound design-in-hell is what makes it interesting at least for me


I enjoy the music till the singing drops.
Some crazy sounds produced, and would sound better without the vocals imo.
Great production though. Big and crisp


Pony Boy is the first SOPHIE track I ever heard (along with the awesome video) actually :smiley: It’s some fkn awesome shit and it made an excellent introduction to her work!


still my personal favorite


Ah it’s great when you discover an artist and then find they already have a back catalogue of stuff for you to binge on!


Elle is great. Also, I really loved the Twisted Water Slide graphics that the artwork of the early releases had.


it’s okay to cry has been on repeat since it came out


I get it. I hate it.


It’s very ear-wormy. I only have to hear a few seconds of it and the tune is stuck in my head for days. Just reading your post has started it off!

I was really shocked by this track because it was so unlike her other stuff. The production on the vocal has an ASMR quality which is very unsettling to me personally.

I’m not sure if it is a trans model or Sophie herself in the video but the same person appears in the Pony Boy video. Either way, it’s a “coming out” track and it will be interesting to see what other belters she comes up with now.


Yep that’s her!


Christ, that Faceshopping is horrible! Just not my thing at all. There’s about 30 seconds of it I dont mind (from about 2:30 mark) but not for me.

BIPP and VYZEE from the debut album are ok - the rest sets my teeth on edge.