Sonicware ELZ_1 New portable synth

They’re kinda apples to oranges. The XD will be slightly more versatile ultimately. The ELZ_1 will be more portable and distinct sounding. One is analog, the other is unabashedly digital. FWIW I wasn’t a huge fan of the XD or the Prologue sound. Not that it matters compared to the ELZ_1.

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A new issue has arisen. It seems that on certain types of sounds, you can very noticeably hear the filter “zippering” or “stair stepping” instead of a nice, smooth transition. It occurred to my only under high resonance settings and manual sweeping of the frequency while using the LPF-12 filter. The LFO doesn’t seem to infer the same characteristics.

How about ELZ_1 vs. OP-Z instead? They’re close enough in price and they’re both somewhat pocket-sized little mini-workstation digital synths.

Have both OPs :slight_smile:

Then I guess flip a coin. :joy:

I have a personal preference which is hardly a secret but this is an ELZ_1 thread.

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Have them both. I’d say the OP-Z is the better choice if you have no other gear. It has a sequencer and can load samples. That being said, the onboard voices are a mixed bag and can get stale quickly. Also, The midi implementation is wonky unless you have the OpLab as it’s USB-C only and most hubs don’t work with it.

The ELZ_1 is a lot easier to play, the voices are far easier to edit and tweak, it has a display, and it’s creator is actively part of a FB group and is sharing upcoming plans and taking suggestions… I can’t really say the same about TE lately…

If I had to sell one of them, it would be the Z. I love the Z but I prefer the playability of the ELZ_1.


Just got the ELZ - @brandonsarkis where is the facebook group? Thanks!

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Any more opinions about it?
Can it sample/how does sample load function?
Whats the aux in good for?
One fx at a time?