Sonicware ELZ_1 New portable synth


There’s an LFO. You can assign it or envelope to pitch, and filter parameters. I love the crusty sine-ish type waves out of this thing pitched down low. This is my new favorite synth now lol.


How’s the speaker&battery combo? Most interesting aspect to me.
I feel like this is a good balance between portable proportions and playability.
Cheaper than an op1 and more playable than op-z
I would love to take this into the woods
My digitakt portable set up is kind of clunky… :confused:


It’s really cool it uses AA batteries. I’ll probably grab some rechargeable ones at some point. I’m seriously impressed by the speaker on this thing. It sounds really good imo; much better than the one on the OP-1, and as good if not better than the ones on the Yamaha Reface line.


Well damn, you’re sellin’ me


Where did you get yours from? Mine is supposed to arrive from Vintage King by Thursday. Also- did you pay $499 or $599? The price jumped since I preordered mine.


Looking forward to hear what you do with it!


Perfect Circuit. I managed to preorder mine for $499 :grin:


I almost went with Perfect Circuit but they didn’t have a date, whereas VK did. I did lock in the $499 though. Can’t wait.


…mine just shipped! Can’t wait!

Found any irregularities yet? Bugs? Wonky midi implementation? How’s the keyboard?


No elz Superbooth videos? I need one to push me over the edge and order it lol.


So my quick and dirty 2 day review:

Came in late Thursday, was surprised to find a letter inside apologizing for the delays and a free soft case. So far, win/win.

Box includes: synth, aforementioned case, (barrel style) power cable, brief quick start guide. Does NOT include a power brick so you’ll need to plug the power adapter cable into your own usb charging brick. Also, oddly doesn’t come with a mini type B usb cable. The only reason I mention this is due to mini type B cables being kinda uncommon.

So the synth- the OS is dead simple and really well done. The FX are above average for onboard FX but the sounds themselves vary WILDLY in volume. If wearing headphones, take caution. The filters are a little lackluster- hard to say what’s going on here exactly but they lack punch. The do however howl like a mofo if pushed.

The knobs feel a tad wobbly but respond well. The volume knobs (main and speaker- they’re independent and you can run the speaker while plugged into other sources which is unusual) are kinda hard to turn and they’re both on the back side. The overall build quality is pretty excellent. It feels like a solid chunk of metal, unlike the OP1 which feels like a solidly crafted device of metal the you don’t want to drop. Now for the keyboard- I don’t mind it. It reminds me of the Octatrack MKI or A4 keys. Small, clicks, a little wobble. Easy to play, not velocity sensitive. I wish it had pb/mod wheels or something equivalent.

The sound? Pure digital happiness. Very “retro video game” for a lot of the presets but it does a good “digital analog” (think 90’s “analog”recreations). Contrary to popular belief, there is a single LFO. It can only be routed to a single source as far as I can tell. The presets overall are above average but they do all have a certain sound to them.

The more adventurous sounds can be made from the morph setups or the “pseudo-sampling” sound engines. Kind of a granular approach. Not a lot of documentation so much of my mucking about has been trial/error. I’m liking what I hear so far though.

Midi implementation is pretty simple. Host or device mode, sync or not, channel, and thru on/off. I want to run this with my OPZ as a portable combo but I have to run to the store and get the proper adapter to make this happen.

Things it doesn’t have- sequencer, pb/mod controls, din midi, expandable or removable storage, multi timbral support, splits or layers.

I’m not seeing aftertouch support either but that could just be me being an idiot.

Recommendation- if you are looking for a specific sound and this one is it, buy it. If you’re looking for a portable keyboard, this is a good buy. If you’re looking for a crazy sound making device, this is definitely up for consideration.

What it isn’t- a new OP-1.


There was a superbooth vid where he mentions firmware update with sequencer I think. It was posted in the last hour or two ( it wasn’t very good though )

I had assumed it was multitimbral.
Found the link


Aside from the shape and somewhat compact size, never understood this comparison. Or the Organelle with the OP-1 for that matter.

If anything the Organelle is more comparable to the ELZ_1, still too different.


I made the OP1 reference as a lot of people are thinking it’s similar and it’s completely different.


yeah heard that a lot. Organelle is also compared to it and I dont think they are similar either.


Quick correction- I seem to have missed the simple fact that there are separate individual LFO’s available for both filter modulation as well as waveform modulation. For whatever reason I assumed that it was a single LFO that could be toggled for either or both. Naturally you can also use the “morph” type of voice to introduce cross modulation however at the moment there doesn’t seem to be a way to mix levels and/or amounts. It’s all or nothing depending on the selected wave. Hopefully this gets addressed.


Had an Organelle and I can say it’s nothing like this at all.


It looks like an old style elektron box…




Hey trying to decide if I should get an ELZ_1 or a Minilogue XD?

Any thoughts? Thanks!