Sonic Sound Synthesis at the Neon Hospice (5 June 2021: end of series special with Walker Farrell of Make Noise)

SsS is a new weekly show at The Neon Hospice online radio station.

Sonic Sound Synthesis is an outlet for the amazing sounds made by modular synthesisers.
Once a week we will present a set of audio recordings made by people around the world using these fascinating machines.

This week’s show comes from none other than Elektronauts luminary @Scot_Solida with an hour-long session entitled Cryogenic Fever Dreams (parts 1 through 5, with interludes), featuring as many wonderful synths as you can imagine (including some Elektron devices, of course), and a few you maybe can’t.

Hope to see you there at 21:00 GMT on 23 January and feel free to drop by to hang out in the lounge ; future sessions will feature further renowned guests over the next few months.


After hearing about all the work that went into this behind the scenes I CAN’T WAIT to finally hear it :slight_smile:


I’m relieved, I saw hospice and thought the worst. Looking forward to the show.


I am so grateful to @DoS for the opportunity to do this. I hope those of you who might give it a listen can take some enjoyment from it. At the very least, I hope you’ll be surprised by what you hear. :blush:


Will it be recorded for later listening?

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There will be a Mixcloud archive here, which usually gets uploaded the same day.

I’m so glad that you’re able to bring the sounds of these marvellous machines to an attentive audience.


Bumping for the day of the broadcast.

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Cryogenic Fever Dreams (parts 1 through 5, with interludes)

1: Count Backwards from 11
Instrument: Moog Model 10
Effects: Dreadbox Hypnosis, Tascam Model 16 delay, Cubase delay plugin
Recorded and mixed with: Cubase 11

2: Slingshot Effect
Instruments: 110U system, Haken Continuum Fingerboard
Sequencers: Q960 suite, Q119, DIY sequencer module
Effects: Multivox tape echo, Elektron Analog Heat, Eventide GTR 4000
Recorded and mixed with: Tascam 424 MkIII 4-track cassette Portastudio, Cubase 11

Interlude: Distressed Signal
Instrument: Voice, tape loop
Effects: Brenell tape echo, Eventide H9
Recorded in: Bitwig Studio

3: Untethered, Adrift
Instruments: 110U system, Moog Model 10, EMS VCS3, Azzam Bells MPA 019
Effects: Eventide H9, Tascam Model 16 delay
Recorded and mixed with: Bitwig Studio

4: Into the Gravity Well
Instruments: Moog Model 10, 110U system, Haken Continuum Fingerboard, 12-string electric guitar, acoustic drums, congas
Sequencers: Q960 Suite, Q119. drums sequenced with system, played with Polyend Percs (x4)
Effects: Fulltone Tube Tape Echo, Tascam Model 16 delays, Soundtoys Echoboy, Eventide H9
Recorded and mixed with Bitwig Studio

Interlude: Subspace Interference
Instruments: Moog Model 10, ARP 2600 (MkIII), Korg MS-20 (MkI)
Effects: Eventide H9, TC Electronic Flashback x 4, Tascam Model 16 delay
Recorded in: Cubase

5. The 11th Hour
Instruments: 110U system, Moog Model 10, Elektron Analog Keys
Sequencers: Q960 Suite, Q119, Elektron Analog Keys
Effects: Dreadbox Hypnosis, Tascam Model 16 Delay, Elektron Analog Keys reverb and delay
Recorded and mixed with: Cubase 11
Guest performance: Har, ambient guitar


Very much looking forward to this, having not listened to the file in advance (other than a skim through to check there was sound!) so as to enjoy it in the moment. See y’all there!!

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live now! :smiley:


Feel free to stop by the lounge and say hi. This is sounding great.

Update: Not even half way through and we’re already cruising beyond the Milky Way …


Mate, this is excellent.

I wish I had some drugs.


Who needs them when @Scot_Solida has all the synths?



I need them


Fair point.

I hear nutmeg’s good…

I am so glad you are enjoying it. :blush:


I really fucking dig how it’s just burst out into the best bit of Krautrock I’ve heard in forever.
Honestly, that could have gone on for about a day and I wouldn’t have complained.


Me neither. Until it finished.

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I keep half-expecting to hear Ralf Hütter chime in. Not to describe it as derivative, but this really wouldn’t feel out of place on a Kraftwerk record. What I really like though, is what sounds like a guitar providing the pad underneath, really adds depth and emotion to it.

The stereo placement of sounds is excellent.


I’ll take that comparison! It wasn’t intended (this bit is in 11/8 meter, after all), but I am happy to hear the comparison. The guitar sound under this section is indeed a guitar, provided by my Christus and the Cosmonaughts band mate, Har.