"Song mode" Digitakt


I create super repetitive songs.


This has been a long time discussion here… Many here feel like the lack of song mode is a flaw in the design of the unit, while others feel like this feature isn’t needed… To answer your question, there’s a pattern chain function that gets you half way there… The problem is, you can’t save it… So you have two choices, either never turn off the unit or input your song arrangements every single time you power up the device… IMHO, it’s a flaw…


I have a MnM and Rytm and have never once used song mode. I have way more fun live tweaking and progressively adding/ subtracting elements in the mix.

Takes a bit more forethought but usually ends with happy accidents along the way.


Use a daw


As mentioned before, you could just save your patterns in a chronologic order.
lets say if your song consists of pattern A, B, B A, then you save A on pattern 1, B on pattern 2&3, A on pattern 4.
When you load your projects, just have to manually set up a chain in ascending order each time - PT1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6… up to the last one to recall your complete song.




Surely…wait for my brain…to translate here.
I have a DT and ARmkii i use the DT set as the brain. Switching the paterns of the ARmkii by putting a program change command in the DT patter being sent to the ARmkii.

So for example A1 contains instruction on ch 13 to send program A1 of the ARmkii with a midi cc. A2 of the DT contains instruction for the ARmkii to change to A3. A3 of the DT contains no instruction. Etc…

This way i can make the ARMKII change patters by changing the DT pattern. Which i can control from a DAW or my fingers. Eitherway.

Surely i can midi loop through From DT back to the DT and on say midi channel 13 in each pattern place a midi cc instructing the DT which pattern to jump to next???

Anyone??? tried this???


Just wait 3 more years for elektron to release the digitakt MKII which will be exactly the same, but with a song mode so we all get to buy the same hardware all over again.


Hi Pablini, did you achieve a solution? Because i just bought a Digitakt for exactly the same reason and now i realize that maybe it’s not the right thing :expressionless:


Probably a MKII won’t have song mode either, it looks like the design decision was to keep the smaller boxes simple and not give them features like song mode, kits and all that stuff.

In my case I’m fine with it. I think it’s important to research what gear can and can’t do before purchasing so it won’t come up as a surprise. A minimal would be checking the manual and scan the forums for current bugs and annoyances. Another tip for avoiding frustration is not expecting that gear will be improved over time except for bug fixes, just buy stuff for what is it now. There are times when the only way to figure out something is not for you is by purchasing it and using it for some time, for that the only way to reduce the problems is to buy used so you can at least sell it at a similar price.


I make techno. 16 steps is 8 steps too much.


Made my day :smiley:


16 is preferred but I’ll take 8…:slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t understand the amount of crassness in this thread.

I have a digitakt. I adore it.

If however elektron could implement a song mode and sample chop, it would be complete for me.

Don’t even need overbridge


I know it’s been said before but since you can actually chain patterns on the DT not being able to save them seems like a cynical move on Elektron’s part to purposely limit the functionality so we look to other gear (basically buy the more expensive OT now or later)… those who say “it’s for jamming” well, yeah, but why give us pattern chain in the first place then?


And I’m nearly not joking… (You know… Conditional trigs…).


Who knows ? Never used it… 1 pattern = 1 song :joy:


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The absurdity of having to do that on a digital device in 2018 is too much for me to take.


IMO as a consumer you need to research a product before buying it. If you don’t know exactly what you are getting, don’t spend your hard earned money on it. It will be a waste of money and a constant source of frustration.

It would be nice if they add a song mode but I don’t expect them to do it, they probably won’t canibalize their own product line by offering too many similar features in the different boxes.

In my case I got a used Digitakt just for it’s current feature set without expecting any extra things. I also got it after all the annoying bugs were fixed, so besides reading the manual I also scanned the forums. On the other hand I got the Digitone when it was first released, so I assumed it may have annoying bugs but I took the risk. The important things is to make and informed decision.