"Song mode" Digitakt


ou OU, i want i want!

it would be fantastic if a) the DT had direct jump and was able to change patterns immediately via program changes and/or b) had a way to save chains of patterns (a visualization of those chains would be superb).

but alas, here we are…i know there was talk about an alternative song mode but considering we don’t have OB yet, i’d assume that’s a long way away too.


so if i can beat this dead horse a little bit more, it could also be like if the digitone, or some other self-contained synth, had no arpeggiator. and how people would say you dont need it unless youre lazy. and its not that kind of machine and so on the logic flows like sewage. ok im done for now.


Except the digitakt was designed without song mode. So really the only logic is elektron chose to leave it out. if the instrument isn’t designed the way people want it to be they should examine other options. If a synth designer leaves something out as a choice, it is what it is. Many synths are designed without an arp…


yeah well, similar principle. pats on your back.


and as an aside, i do own a rytm mkii. im just bitter and begrudging. assininery to equip such a box to the nines / nix the song mode. im trying to get an ulcer / lose sleep at night. dont stand in the way of my pain! (((;


Ahh, song mode…
The Achilles heel of any Elektronaut discussion… :rofl:


What is the point of stand alone hardware then? Cause any DAW could handle the DT functions way better. I still would like to see a song mode as I don’t want to bring my laptop along for the ride (live).
It should be easy enough to integrate and cheaper hardware then the DT have a songmode so I really don’t see why it does not have this feature.


Huh! What a strange way to spell Overbridge!


True, but Elektron did say they would try to provide a viable option to no song mode.


totally get the way you use the box needs to have song mode or a way to save chains. you say it often enough. I really don’t care anymore about this topic because everyone became entirely too hostile about it, the post you were responding to was from quite a while ago.

ultimately, people don’t seem to want workaround tips and discussing the topic doesn’t really seem to go anywhere as everyone on both sides just says the same thing and then becomes hostile. maybe Elektron will remedy the situation for people with a viable alternative as they said they would. who knows at this point.


Yea I wonder if the alternative is going to be part of overbridge or if it would be a totally out of the box solution… doesn’t really effect me unless it turns out to be something really mind blowing, always found song mode to be a bit stifling compared to just doing stuff live and practicing but I get that people want it. A “preformance mode” that lets you do control all effects across multiple patterns would be great in my opinion though.


I hope that their solution to no song mode isn’t Overbridge. I use hardware synths and hardware drum machines so that I don’t have to be tied to a computer.


i’m assuming there just won’t be a song mode for the DT, but hopefully i’m wrong about that.


There probably isn’t.


i’m with you though, i’d love to have a similar song mode as the AR has, or better yet, something like the MM/OT have in terms of a song mode (offsets, lengths etc).


Honestly, I’d be fine with just a basic simple songmode on the DT/DN.


ditto, i’d love a simple way of chaining patterns and saving them. we can only help.


Hey there,
First time posting here - It’s an amazing site, such a useful platform!

I picked up a Digitakt the other day, and I’m blown away - It’s incredible.
My only issues are the lack of an SD card slot (I record on a Zoom a lot)
and also my main issue - The lack of a song mode.

I was wondering, how do you other users go about making songs on the Digitakt, opposed to just 4 bar beats?

Would really appreciate your ideas and methods!

  • Reuben


Edit: Welcome to the forum :wink:


can’t you combine midi out routing to midi in… sending program changes?
not sure, i don’t have one