"Song mode" Digitakt


I heard rumours that companies leave out headphone jacks even from $1000+ phones. Can you believe that?

I’m voting with my wallet.


On the Digitakt, just a few patterns are easily a whole song if you program conditional trigs and some good fills. Trigger the fills and manually switch patterns when it feels right, use your mutes, and there you go! If you want to program out an entire song from beginning to end, just boot up ableton.


I’ll second this.


All these replies and no one’s said just adjust the patterns Master length to repeat the pattern as many times as you like.


Unless you’re playing live and you play guitar/bass/sing/horns or you just want to like actually perform, and not sit there pressing buttons the whole time.


Might be other products that are more suitable for that use


You need to compromise, Digitakt is a performance piece as are all the other instruments you have, you cannot play them all at the same time without huge difficulty. Either find a digital instrument more suited for accompaniment or accept you cant do it all.


For recording tracks the pattern chain works fine for hands free use, allowing me to tweak my modular knobs for a good while without touching the DT.


My compromise is that I won’t buy one. Same compromise a lot of people have made. If Elektron want to cripple machines then it it will cost them sales.


I was about to buy a Ferrari the other day until I noticed it wouldn’t make me a cup of tea and comb my beard. What an unbelievable lack of features! Well I can tell you that I stand firmly in protest against this and will not EVER buy a Ferrari. :joy:


That’s the right approach, instead of wanting that things are what they are not, just don’t buy the product.


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Italian cars are not meant to make tea. You’ll need a british car for that. But it is a bummer that is doesn’t make espresso …


OB works, so I have gained interest in the DT! :slight_smile:
“Song Mode” by Enrique


And take note of the generous comment on the video from the utter gentleman there :wink: