"Song mode" Digitakt


im sure youre right. saving patterns at all is probably generous too. and a stop button, because we all know, youre supposed to PLAY. saving pattern chains? give me a break. you want FRIES with that?!


The trouble with implementing a song mode is that it would suck without kits. If you add kits then you lose the ability to save the project fast with no worries i.e. kits must be saved first like the other machines. Also, with the current buttons and interface it would be clunky to add. I have other machines that support song mode so it would be redundant for me personally. If I needed a song mode I would buy a machine that implemented one or at least promised to in the future.


If song mode is as important as a play button to you, why did you buy a Digitakt when it can’t even save a pattern chain?


Agreed. The appeal of the digitakt is it’s quick and easy. In terms of my setup, I think of it as support rather than the main instrument to my modular and A4 (and eventually digitone)


oh dear… youve missed the point terribly

and you’ve not read very thoroughly

and it was in fact noted early on that elektron was looking into a viable alternative to saving pattern chains for a future update


i’m only saying that it’s not a stretch, all this talk. and close but no cigar, and what if, and if only, and I hope


That’s a good to hear. Maybe with the whole big overbridge update.


It was said by Elektron that a viable option to song mode would be provided for the DT. This was said before it was released.


Really? Was that the result of some extensive polling that you conducted? That may be the reason you and _some_others like the DT, but that isn’t the case for all of us.


I just don’t understand how having no song mode benefits anyone… Why is this even a debate? There’s obviously a demand for it… I’d like someone to explain why song mode would some how ruin the experience of using the device…


It’s strange to me that there has been a “heated” debate over song mode. I don’t understand what there is to argue. It’s useful to some, others don’t use it. It’s always nice to have features even if one doesn’t use them so adding a song mode causes nobody harm. Everyone has a different way they like to write music, no way is wrong or right ultimately.


Appeal is fairly subjective but there is information out there by Elektron representatives that speak to the intent of the product.

Surely not, but it was mentioned many times at it’s introduction at NAMM 2017 by Cenk, an Elektron representative, that the Digitakt was intended to be a “cheap Elektron box with the magic of Elektron touch.”

Other quotes: “finally a cheap Elektron product accessible to many…”

Of course “cheap” and depth of features go somewhat hand and hand.

Cenk gets more to the point at SuperBooth 2017:

“make it simple and approachable to anybody”
“All our previous machines expects the user to have some kind of knowledge, a lot of patience, and a desire to learn. This is not like that. It’s a lot more simpler, and it doesn’t have so much features as our other machines, that’s why it is half the price.


yeah… not really much to argue about other than for argument. I guess I kind of seeing it worth arguing about as I would rather elektron spend time on other features I consider more interesting. Like another machinemode that lets you mess with samples in different ways would be far more interesting, not that I expect that ever but it sure would be cooler than song mode which most people who bought it understood and expected it not to have. Adding song mode while it wouldn’t hurt anyone and I would be happy for the people who wanted it, but its adding a utility type feature that is make or break for some people, its basically adding a feature specifically for people who don’t own a digitakt which while might add some sales isn’t exactly thrilling for people who are happy with there digitakts.


It seemed a bit more of an off the cuff 'maybe" that a promise. They made it clear their would be no actual song mode. I can’t see how being able to save a chain would really be a replacement for song mode.


If you want more there is always the rytm…


I’d wish my guitar has song mode or at least pattern storage. It’s really cumbersome to play the patterns by hand over and over again.


But isn’t wanting a different machine type to be added exactly the same a wanting song mode? Waiting for a feature that was never expected to be added.
Not that I need or am advocating for song mode but song mode actually changes nothing especially if it’s just a list of the Order patterns play similar to the A4 and AR. Another machinemode would affect the usage and sound of the machine. I would think especially there would be added menu diving if machine modes were added.
Part of what sold me on the DT was that pretty much all menu functions could be utilized by button combos, combos that aren’t cumbersome to use or remember.


I guess my thought is song mode might not really benefit most people who bought the digitakt where as other features might… another machine is an example of something I thought most people would end up using but yea maybe its not really realistic for the digitakt. The idea is no one is waiting for a new machine mode but I doubt many people would just ignore it if it came out. I guess it all depends on the goal elektron has for the device from this point on, to pull in new consumers or to make there current consumers happier. obviously there is cross over with any new features added. I’m not against song mode if that’s what they want to do with the device but its probably not the feature that would benefit the current user base the most.


I’d be absolutely fine with DT having no song mode if it had instant PC.
For now, my workaround for this is memorizing the pattern chains and setting the same pattern length as the length of the part this pattern is playing at.

At the same time, with patterns at 1 bar length and with DT being a master for any other sequencer in the setup you can look at it as a kind of launch quantization for live performance.:thinking:

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that there are viable and relatively easy to perform workarounds for both live and studio situations. Especially, with max chain length being at least around 16 patterns - with my 8 (±1) pattern tracks I’m yet to hit the ceiling for chain length.

Just my two cents.

P. S.
Knowing your chains you could launch one chain after another, with one intermediate pattern as a “fill”, while you dial the next chain.


I think recently someone said pattern chains can use patterns from any bank now. Here it is


Nice! Thanks for the link!