"Song mode" Digitakt


haha, so i didn’t experience the one pattern length late triggering because i’m using a multiclock and have it set so it doesn’t start for a bar…so maybe that was fixing it.

anyhoo, the issue looks fixed with the latest update, 1.07.

“Pattern change occurred one pattern length to late after receiving a Program Change message from other Elektron device.”


This is the one fix I’ve been waiting for this whole time. So glad it’s finally taken care of.


Program Change bug is only fixed if using Elektron gear, still broken if you’re sending PCs from non Elektron sequencers :frowning:


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Is it? Even if you send the program change before the next pattern starts? Since the DT doesn’t have an “immediate” change mode, I’d expect to have to send PC’s before the beginning of the next pattern when controlling it from external gear.


I can name at least one


Just for the record, I am completely against song mode. Mainly because I can’t sing.



Thats impossible to do, a hardware sequencer can’t send a program change ahead of the pattern actually changing. It would have to know you were about to change the pattern. They are not psychic LOL


So I kind of had an idea while thinking about this thread. I own an octatrack I do not own a digitakt so I don’t know how the resampling functions are but maybe you could use resampling to emulate song mode? Essentially what I mean is if you set it up so that your resample is recording for the whole length of your pattern and if you resample your whole pattern or whatever you want, you can essentially load each “pattern” to the first step of a single track and with trig conditions you could just hit play and Trigger each track, each pattern, with the trig conditions. So like first time through it plays track 1 second time through it plays track 2 third time through plays track 3 and so on. I don’t know about the memory time on a Digitakt though honestly I’ve never looked I haven’t wanted to buy one and I’ve heard that there’s issues with mono instead of stereo but I’m just thinking out loud

I’m thinking of it kind of like bouncing down on a multi-track recorder, all your tracks / samples bounce down to as many single tracks as you need and then you use the trig conditions to sequence them


Yes, I know of a few. My point is that at this price point, and with it being pushed as a hub for your music, it’s gotta offer a song mode/savable pattern chains for those who need it.


Na, without stereo sampling this would sound not right.


Yeah I figured. That’s how I’ve been using my octatrack recently but obviously stereo. Well it’s just a thought maybe it’ll help spark some cool ideas…I’m actually going to try it in mono on OT modulating pan with lfo to see how that sounds on drum sounds now that I think about it.


drives me bananas to see (not necessarily here) comments like “its really not that kind of gear” - but it would be… if it had song mode. one function. or “it doesnt need it” - YOU dont need it, is what you mean. one single function short of being so integral for me. and a rytm or octatrak are twice the price. for what would be for that ONE added function. what a shame. BUHU!


It’s been going in circles like that on the forum for like a year now, the only thing can stop it is a song mode. There’s a number of need / not need x feature themes that go in circles… Haha


Digitakt will eventually include Overbridge
Overbridge requires a DAW
DAW is then your required ‘song mode’
And don’t shoot me, I am just the messenger from Elektron


Keeps the forum active, isn’t it? Imagine a time when everyone is happy … how boring :wink:


Has anyone tried (and succeeded) using a simple iOS app for sequencing program change commands to create a song from patterns? I could imagine taking the sync out of Digitakt into an iPad and then using the sync to drive a simple MIDI sequencer and insert program change commands in the iOS sequencer. Maybe even GarageBand or (with a mac) Logic. Then everything would be synced up and you could record additional tracks and do a final mix down routing the Digitakt through the DAW. Then when OB is available, multi-track mix it. Could be a reasonable workflow, starting with jamming pattern variations and then developing on top of that.


Song mode would be great, but people say the same thing about an endless list of other “missing” features. It’s almost like script. The feature is always supposedly trivial to implement and, you know, it’s just one feature so what’s the harm?

Obviously some features really would add a lot to this box, but I think these individual requests usually miss the larger point that the art of designing an instrument has just as much to do with what you leave out as what you put in. Part of the allure (or at least the design philosophy) of the Digitakt is to leave a lot of stuff out to keep it relatively simple and keep the cost down, so it will always have a lot of “missing” features.


I’m gonna write a song about it, No Song Mode Blues, I just don’t know how I’m going to play it back :thinking: