"Song mode" Digitakt


It’s interesting how song mode or the saving of chained patterns is such a bloated topic… It would all end if only elektron would go ahead and make it happen… Like I asked before, where’s the harm in having this simple feature included to an almost brilliant music making tool?


There is no harm. It’s just work on their side. But you know, their “world” is just larger than a single device.

Before adding new stuff there is still enough old stuff to fix/finalize for them (O…B).


Well, I’m glad you at least think there’s no harm… I just think it must take a lot of energy to dispel the demand for this feature…


Well, I don’t think the developers themself are stupid enough to come here (until they are masochists, of course).


I don’t know that it would actually take a lot of energy to dispel. While this is the official elektron forum in not sure how seriously the company uses the forum for feedback especially for feature request, They have a official request email. I wonder if all the people making the noise on the forum have submitted official request or customer service ticket regarding song mode.


DT will never have a “song mode”

it’s a budget device w/ budget features.

a very successful product for Elektron.


I wouldn’t say never, but actually they have more serious concerns.


Is there a way to do saveable pattern sequences using MIDI loopback and program changes? I just got my DT but that just seems like a way to handle it in a more permanent way.

Has anybody dug into it?



This is possible.

Known as “pseudo song mode”.

It works.

But it is not the implementation that everyone wants, though it does accomplish the end. Not everyone agrees with the means.
Many say it is too “fiddly”, though this term is subjective.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Especially on a (relatively, to other Elektrons) budget device.


This is the thing where you plug Digitakt’s MIDI out into it’s MIDI in, right?


I wanna know more about how this works


yes, but a better way of doing it is to use a MIDI hub that has MIDI filtering. That way you can make sure the DT doesn’t loop back things you don’t want it to.


This “pseudo” song mode has been discussed in various topics in the Digitakt category, with one notable creative application in this topic:


I own a Rytm mkII (as well as an A4, MD, and had a DT for awhile).


So how would a guitar player, or drummer, or bassist, change patterns while playing live while their hands are busy?


Especially when you’re also having to manually switch patterns on your DT that has no song mode.


It may be on the cheaper side in the world of Elektron, but it isn’t cheap compared to other drum machines that are out there (or ones the will undoubtedly be released in the near future). Elektron needs to think about future proofing their products.


I’m in total agreement with you. I personally don’t see the need for drum sounds on the A4/A42, but I totally understand that other people will use it for those sounds, and for that purpose. It’s always weird to me when just because a person doesn’t use the tool in that way, they assume that it doesn’t need to exist.


song mode is toast. will never happen on DT. just be thankful with the device you have, and pray that they continue supporting it w/ updated firmware. Many many bugs in 1.07. As for OB, just be thankful it hasn’t been canned (yet). That means there is still a chance OB will be released. Soon it will be April.


I’m not really expecting an actual song mode - just the ability to save pattern chains.