Soma quantum ocean

SOMA LABORATORY just released a youtube video announcing their new product the Quantum Ocean which is described as an experimental electro-shamanistic project that is a combination of an analog device and special psychic exercises. This thing is out there.


It always surprises me how little love electro-shamanism gets on this forum :grinning:
Looks intriguing! The ether one is on my list of things I would like.


Im on the waiting list for the PULSAR-23 myself. Hopefully I get it this year.


An interesting idea , want to see some demos first lmao

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This is both exactly what I’d expect Soma to make and something I never could have imagined without them making it.


Is it already April 1st?

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That video was soothing, I could listen to that all day. I’m feeling so relaxed right now, you guys. Also: I love chaos, and things that work under the concept of chaos theory, etc. (vis-a-vis the Benjolin). It’s a concept that seems to make sense the older I get. “Nothing is completely random…”

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Makes me think of the synthesis of Bebe and Louis Barron for the movie the Forbidden Planet.

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This almost feels like April Fools Day, except it’s not April.


I wholeheartedly agree but am also super interested.



I want one! How cool is that?

But is it organismic?

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this look awsome. I want it to feed AH.

I’m going to be honest- after watching such a detailed video filled with wild contraptions, the actual product reveal was a bit underwhelming.

And not one demonstration of what this thing actually does was a bit frustrating.

Pretty sure this is a joke, but I’d say Emphatically YES after reading the piece of literature that goes with it.

the whole idea seems to be that chaos is organic and the center of all things in the universe.

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Ohhh :open_mouth:

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Seems like a binaural filtered noise generator, with a lot of marketing spiel, no doubt that it would probably be useful for meditation but I don’t see anything especially interesting about it. :confused:


That is the most soma thing I’ve ever read

I read the entire accompanying pdf … I somehow got sucked into it as if it were an inescapable blackhole. Then I laughed at myself.

If you were to get one of these hoping to add something to your studio arsenal I’m fairly certain you’d be missing the point completely.

Unless of course it’s a way to support SOMA in getting rid of an over order of Lyra components left lying around.


Sounds like N.O.W machine that Michael Joly started to make.