Solo option?


Hi! Was wondering if there is a way to Solo tracks on Digitakt. Have been looking around but no luck so far.


This was removed in like update 1.06. There is currently no solo mode on the digitakt.

I believed it was removed because it was causing too many issues with individuals using external midi controllers and accidently activating it.


Ok thanks, good to know


Since it was removed there have been a few people posting that if the solo state was saved to a pattern of project there is no way to undo this.
Definitely no good. Hopefully they will reinstate the ability to solo


Yeah this would be great, so often I just want to “zoom in” on a sound I am working on and then quickly hear it in context. I was really surprised when I realised there was no solo mode.


so right now there is no OB.
there is no solo function as well…
OB was and is advertised on the boxes…

concerning solo tracks…:
the first manuals contained hints to
midi cc 93 for soloing a track and it has vanished with an fw “update”…
great… what’s next… make it a six voice sampler as elektron decides the cpu
is overloaded? <<— sarkasm…

I am pissed… imagine buying a car with some nice extras, giving it to the service and it is returned and some extras are gone… that feels weird. as removing the solo function is…
I want my solo function back … I payed for it. I can handle it as I use an external controller. so for what reason was it removed?


I think They never gave an official reason but if you go by user feedback it’s because users were confused by how solo was activated. Because it was only available through external cc a number of individuals here were certain something was wrong with their dt when they accidently activated the cc through an external midi controller. It was happening a lot Seemingly.

Definitely needs to be added back though.


I’d also like a solo function. I use an external control surface which actually has a button just waiting for it! :wink:

The fact that people were confused by how it worked can’t have been the reason that it was removed, surely. You would be required to assign CC#93 to your controller which thereby choosing it. And besides, there are far more confusing things about the way the DT works which haven’t been removed/ reworked AFAIK - e.g. mute lights.


If you go back through the older bug threads there was quite a lot of confusion regarding solo and the digitakt. People on don’t read manuals, apparently some devices send cc 93 (or whatever it was), and/or people already had set up their controller to send that particular cc.

Additionally, at the time it was like the only digitakt function that wasn’t accessible or labeled on the front panel in some way.

I do believe an elektron employee chimed in at one point about it but maybe not.

And you’re correct there are far more confusing things on the digitakt than solo from external cc. None accidently kill 7 of the 8 audio channels with no indication why though.


It was removed because there was no UI for solo.
If accidentaly set to solo, you had no way to know what channel was soloed.

An LED color, or screen UI would have helped. But it was too easy to unknowingly solo something, and not know what it was.


True. Touch wood.

That makes sense. Perhaps it could be added back as a switchable option in the system menu or some such - for those of us brave enough to dare! :wink:


I would LOVE to have that CC back. + LED indicator, perhaps screen feature added.

As well as CC for retrig rate :wink:


Solo tracks could be chosen with a Knob “click”, on the Master page for volumes.
Or maybe a 3-button-combo where the last two keys are TRK + Number.

There are ways to implement SOLO, we need it sometimes.


Seems pretty simple to me --> Function + Track + Trig to solo a track.


8 tracks, 10 fingers. Nah mean.


It’s quick enough to mute the unused tracks that I don’t mind much about this. There are other things I care about much more like looping a specific page and previewing a trig


Definitely I was interdicted by this serious, unexpected lack! This is such a basic and necessary function. I just wanna the solo track option back or my discomfort will grow at every use! :open_mouth:


Right. But it’s actually 16 tracks and only 10 fingers.


My Digitakt had a solo function when I bought it, so I want it back cause I paid for it.
I had it mapped to an external controller and integrated into a Midi Translator project when they decided to simply get rid of it.
And the reason was just user error, mainly when using midi loopback. If you have a running midi LFO assigned to a midi CC, then changing the assignment on the amp page can mess things up pretty bad. Solo was the only function that could only be controlled by midi, so people got confused.

It’s not only the solo function that’s missing. There was also a separate function for transport send and receive. It was on the same page as clock send and receive. I can’t think of any good reason why they removed this :confused:


Solo used to get in the way. confusing people, myself included, because a track could inadvertently be soloed without knowing it.
causing weird mute behavior.

probably why it was removed. rather, it should have gotten a UI solution. that would have solved everything. and LED for the soloed track, an indicator in the screen UI and perhaps a CC number what was not RIGHT in the middle of everything.

ya…having solo back would be nice. [properly implemented of course :wink: ]

adding: i guess you could do a ‘hacky’ CC mapping of all the tracks you wanted muted to a single control? would be a drag to make that for all 8 tracks. but if you just have 1 or 2 tracks you want soloed in a perf…you could just map the others to be muted.
i dunno…not ideal, but a bush league solution.