Solid State Logic six compact mixer


Also agreed. Beautifully utilitarian. Like a sleek shard of stone.

If I were a wealthier person I’d totally go for it.


On the way


Read the review of this mixer in Sound on Sound. Be ideal for a portable setup. I might just grab one of these in the next month or so.


Just to pick this up. looking at the block diagram in the manual, I think this is possible using inserts (which would need two balanced D-Sub to Jack snakes). The routing is a little convoluted, but bear with me.

  • Four stereo stems to 3/4, 5/6, Ext 1 & Ext 2. Summed to Main stereo Bus.
  • Take the Insert Send from the Main Bus, and using the 25Way D-Sub to Jack plug it into the Channel 1 & 2 Line Inputs and MUTE the Channel feed to the stereo bus.
  • Take the Insert Sends from Channel 1 & 2 (again from the D-Sub To Jack snake) and connect it to the Insert Return on the Main Bus (this may need a Female to Female Jack Connector, depending on the sex of the Jacks on the D-Sub Snakes). Switch the Main Bus insert return IN. On the block diagram this then puts the Channel Signal Path in the main bus, before the G-Comp and Main Fader.
  • Feed the MAIN Output XLRs to the DAW.

So signal routing is Stereo/Ext ins to Main Bus, Main Bus Insert Sends to Channel Line Ins. Channel Comp & EQ to Channel Insert Sends to Main Bus Insert Returns to G-Comp (if IN), Main Fader to Main Out.

Need to be careful with channel mutes to main bus to prevent feedback to main bus.

I think that’s done it!, Phew.


Yup, looks like you cracked it. well done !

Bit convoluted but good to know it’s doable for those that need that use case.


the two knob g comp on this smokes the digitakt master compressor at similar settings. wow.

really blends a suite of synths together with the beat machine.


You got one? Tell us all about it!


yey man, would take a listen too! Maybe someone can compare it to UAD SSL Bus comp??


I don’t have the UAD SSL, though have always wanted to pick it up…

The headroom on this board is astounding, the noise level is super low. It’s hard to compare a board that sums to digital summing via UAD Console (which I think sounds great-only issue is no master bus processing…come on UA) - but the way I have my studio patched, all synths are half-normalled to UA inputs, so I can split the signal at patch bay and send to the SSL. Crafting a mix on the board was much faster than doing so in UAD Console. And I preferred the end result. You are more limited, but these limitations force you to get the source right and commit to things.

Haven’t had much time with it, but running the Digitakt through a pair of the stereo channels, and the first words that come to mind is resolution and depth. A touch of the bus compressor gives real body to the mix. The alt inputs also sound very clean. All in all I was summing 8 tracks to two. Still had 4 to play with, which I’ll try today with a few FX returns. Haven’t tried the mic pres, but will give them a run in the next couple days.