Solid State Logic six compact mixer


Totally don’t get this and the pricing.

Is it for DJs looking for a vintage desk sound atop the tracks they are playing?


Up, everything will go up apart from my wages. They’ll probably drop


price in euro will be stable ££££ will drop in value


this looks very cool and suitable for my needs. A useful format for both live&studio use when you have one or two stereo boxes and the odd live instrument.
But not at this price. I understand, it’s premium stuff, but not for me. Irresistible at half the price.


I understand the sentiment, but given the quality of their designs and the price of their other gear, it gets you a lot of the SSL sound at a killer price. Just getting one of their preamps and one eq in 500 series stuff costs more than this entire package. It’s a really flexible and robust set of features at this price point, I think you’d be hard pressed to name another product that competes with it that is high quality.


Its a mixer and a summing box rolled into one. For what it does, it’s actually agressively priced, especially considering its an SSL product.

Summing boxes alone can cost what thIs costs.


looks well ugly.
can those plastic side things be taken off?

who the heck designs these things?
a cyborg?


There have been cheaper options for decades now with various models that might be “subjectively” prettier.

Go get a compact mixer from Mackie, Soundcraft, A&H, Yamaha, or Behringer if you need something more affordable, or that looks aesthetically better to you.

I’ve been hoping for a high-quality compact mixer like this for years, so I’m going to get this for sure.


AD/DA with multiple IN/OUTs for summing will be pricey. If you want to do the whole thing justice and make it worth while. I’m currently looking RME ADI-2 FS which is the no frills version of their ADI-2 Pro FS (supposedly flagship) converters. But now reconsidering for something with more I/O along with this.


There’s a review of the new SSL Six in the latest Sound On Sound magazine btw



Has anyone used SSL’s LMC compressor on electronic drums before? Is it good for techno?


Don’t take it personally. I wasn’t getting at you.

Unless you designed the mixer…


I think the point is that if aesthetics trumps sound quality, @Prints is saying there are other options. But if sound is more important and you can afford it, this is a no-brainer (assuming the routing/channels/etc. are compatible with your workflow).

I don’t get the impression they took it personally. Some people just prioritize how things sound…thankfully :slight_smile:


Like you stated, it isn’t possible for me to take it personally since I didn’t design it.

I just thought that when news of an affordable compact mixer from SSL with multiple compressors was released, criticisms of the plastic bumpers on the sides of the unit looking ugly, and the price not being low enough were obviously signs that the “sound-quality” this mixer is capable of providing are of less concern.

A cheaper mixer, from a plethora of cheap mixer options, makes more sense.


btw I think the SSL SiX is sexy AF :heart_eyes:



People complaining about the price is kind of ridiculous too, look at the name… Since when have we ever been able to “afford” that :smiley:

If you want a cheap mixer there’s plenty to choose from.


Now that I’ve had more time to think about this, 1299€ for what you get is kind of a bargain. If this ever becomes available in my shops of choice (ones that offer me installment plans, that is), I just might cave in and get one.

When I get the dante card to my SQ5, I’d have a pretty snazzy 12 output D/A ready for sending into the SiX for summing, and directly to a master recorder from there… hmm…

They are stating a minimum of 80kHz bandwidth for every part of the signlchain in SiX, not your average mackie now is it :diddly:


It’s available now (UK). Anyone have it yet?


Damn what a beauty :smiley: