Solid State Logic six compact mixer–-ultimate-desktop-mixer-2?sector=Studio

1500 US for a six channel 9080. Not bad

Yo! This includes the G compressor! It’s stuck at 4:1


That looks amazing.

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Sick, want.

The end.


Very pro looking and sounding I imagine.
I think the price stated is around 1200Euro?

It would be cool to have one of these with four stereo ins!

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This is going to do very well for them.

omg :heart:

don’t need it, but it’s sexy


So umm it has a summing box inside as well?


This might go very well for them with so many DAW users around.

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Yup. I use my x desk for this. Most of the time I just use it to sum my stereo mixes because I’m lazy or record a single track stem and drive it a little.

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If I were to start over, I’d be all over this. But have invested in too much gear already which would become redundant if I went for this one.

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Did you notice the two stereo external inputs on the back ?

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Yea this would be too redundant in my setup. This is cool for someone starting out. This is a Swiss Army knife

  • 9080J EQs perfect for broadstroke stuff to your material or records you are sampling.
    -Superanalogue channel. It adds a bit of a hi-fi tone to it.
    -Dynamics section to handle those hard hitting peaks.
    Master volume knobs for SSL always go to 11.
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Those are the outputs of the 2 cue busses, no? Those plus the mute bus outputs give 3 stereo aux send routing options. Neat.

No EQ on the stereo channels is meh though.

I keep hoping for a company to bring out something compact, with at least 4 stereo input channels and 3 or more stereo sends and returns…

My bad…the two additional stereo inputs are located top right.

yeah I’m hoping it does well and they release the SSL version of a Mackie 1202 (without EQ on the stereo channels, as they’ve done here).

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possibly a dumb question on this, but mixer routing confuses me sometimes…

would it be possible to do the following with this:

  • route four stereo stems from your DAW into channels 3/4, 5/6 and ext inputs 1 and 2
  • sum these stems to one stereo pair (without using the G series compressor)
  • send that summed stereo pair to channel 1/2 line inputs, using their EQ’s as well as dedicated compressors and/or the G series compressor
  • send this summed/EQ’d/compressed pair back to your DAW?

or am I looking at this wrong? would be an excellent final mixdown tool if you could do this, but it seems to me like the ext inputs/stereo pairs can’t be isolated/summed in the way it would require…

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Really interested in this. Been thinking about pulling the trigger on either a Neve summing or X-Desk… this might be more useful although fewer inputs…

I’m waiting for the same thing. The Model 1 DJ mixer gets pretty close to my sweet spot. Only two stereo aux loops, but six channels of stereo inputs, all balanced, and interesting shaping filter and saturation feature. Expensive AF though.

This SSL is pretty sweet though, can’t wait to hear what it sounds like.

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I want this one bad.


oops, wasn’t able to find the topic already created… I’m all about this one tho :heart_eyes: