Software to cut up samples

Can anyone suggest a
Good program to cut up and edit samples before going to octtrack?

Audition 1.0

Ableton :wink:

This is actually the program I was trying to remember the name of,thank you so much!

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I know I need to learn ableton but I just haven’t had energy while learning Zbrush too many hot keys!

Audacity, unless you need something fancy-smancy : )

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I think I still have the installer. If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll see where I stashed it.

There’s nothing better than Ableton Live for warping audio, it’s as surgical as you could possibly want. :slight_smile:

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Cool Edit Pro


I just use Ableton as well - selecting the piece of the audio you want to cut, zooming in on the waveform, cutting it, etc. is all straightforward to me, and I’m not a power user or anything

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I mostly use Octatrack Audio Editor. :content:

I also use Samplitude which can export several sliced samples and Octachainer to compile them in a sliced sample chain.

Wavosaure is a free audio editor with transients detection, multiple slices export, batch processing. Can also be used with Octachainer.

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Can you batch process multiple slice option + transients detection?

The Wavosaur freeware audio editor works on Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

20th century tech still used today, awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you mean apply transients detection / slice export to several samples ?
Doesn’t seem in the batch functions.

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Perhaps you could adapt the app by Valerie Solanas called “Software for Cutting Up Men”.


Propellerhead’s ReCycle works a treat! I use Soundforge for all of my audio editing though. Timestretching inside Ableton.

I second Audacity, which seems basic, but got a good workflow out of it. I do a lot of field recording and some old vinyl recording as well as taking audio out of movies. I use the track marker to pin point what I want to keep and leave a note, then I cut the part I need and add it as a new track. When I am ready I can export all the sample at once. I also keep the working files so I know where I got the samples from.


Do you know of a way to export the slices from Simpler as separate audio files? I want to drop them into Octachainer, but it doesn’t seem possible

Should be ! (I don’t use Ableton, but I read about it IIRC).

I worry that your talents will be wasted here.

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