So... are we gonna talk about André 3000's new album?

i mean

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Quite a passive agressive schooling behavior towards someone who dares not liking a simple music proposal and assume it with some argumentation.
Indeed i understand some interactions can be difficult at times, especially when any critic is seen as “negative”, “hatred” and other internet english speaking countries stereotypes. At least spare me the traditional “if you don’t like it, you can just scroll”.

I need to bookmark that


Sure. At the same time, as time goes by, one can recognize awkards attempts and not wanna try the experience again when it seems like an empty shell.

You might want to leave some space for people to enjoy the music if they choose to do so, even if it doesn’t resonate with you. After all, whether or not it is art is a subjective choice, not a fact that is up for debate.

I think this is the angriest someone has ever been about a new age flute album.

Quite an achievement.


This guy never fails me :joy::sob::joy:


I really dig the album. Very relaxing and appreciate that he aimed to make what made him happy and not what epople expected. It’s refreshing in this current environment of “monitize absolutely everything”.

I’m also seeing a lot of parents posting how the album is helping with their kids, relax them, help them to sleep, etc. I would just suggest Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works for that, but Andre 3000 is more mainstream for sure. It might end up selling very well with this added benefit people are sharing. That or we may hear him doing a sountrack for an Annapurna style video game soon.

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You seem to be really affected by this album. Maybe just skip it then. And also, I don’t agree with your authoritarian view that there is some universal standard to what makes art good or what’s allowed to be considered good and for what properties.

So yeah, the album is phenomenal in my book. You don’t get it, I get it, but maybe the issue is not the album but rather that you’re not getting it?

It’s up to you to give it a try and instead of judging it through your authoritative lens of artistic allknowningness just let its otherness challenge your lens and see what you discover.


I’ve only listened to the first track so far and I really liked it.

I will say, I get a bit sad with all the reaction to a release like this. It reinforces my feelings that the “mainstream” discourse is pretty unwilling to accept new or different ideas and directions, most people’s first instinct is to make fun of the project, get angry, be dismissive. These reactions go against everything I believe about art and being an artist. I don’t want to be too much of a downer, but those are my thoughts on the general reception.


I’ve had it on repeat for the first 2 days. It blew my mind.
Really dope.


Perhaps he’s just engaging in a bit of… habit reform :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really hope others continue to share their opinions. If nothing else, true art is impactful.

What I love about this forum is that no one has any issue with opinions. However, it’s the condescension sometimes attached to them that sophisticated folks may find themselves allergic to.

Also, if anyone else has recommendations of other similar collections they find impactful, please share.

I’m particularly in a wind/woodwind state of mind at the moment. As I grow older and more sophisticated, I find myself appreciating soundscapes, evolving peace, inspiring timbres, natural sounds, less drums, no lyrics prompting my thoughts, more harmony, atypical rhythms and melody.

I’ll always be a hip hop head, but I’ll also never apologize for expanding past it. Grateful Dre 3K feels the same. :muscle:t4:


I feel this completely. Well, maybe not the sophisticated part, but the rest for sure.


So the OPs question was answered, we are definitely gonna talk about it!


I submit track 6 as particularly relevant in these times:

Ghandi, Dalai Lama, Your Lord and Savior JC, Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy.


The internet :joy:


There’s a couple great interviews where he talks about the making of the album.

Also, there’s a discussion on reddit about chopping up for samples. This guy made some cool stuff.


Pretty good. I liked his quote about the album - ‘I wanted to make a rap album but this is just the way the wind pushed me’ something like that anyway. Nice vibe

I like it and that he did it but yeah its really not far off from some of the random new age albums I have found and liked at thrift shops.

It also made me think maybe this is closer to reality than I was expecting