Single synth obsessions


Work in progress…7 tracks of an 0 Coast sequenced with an OT. Kinda industrial disco, if that’s a thing…


It’s nothing special, but I made this ep using only the monomachine. Composing with song mode as well. :slight_smile:


SFX-6 only album here, played and recorded live, no DAW involved :smiley:


Limitation is Liberation. Yah, doin a track on a single instrument/device is definitely a thing:


Nice to see you take a break from ABBA to post a Jeff Mills video. His 909 outings is really cool, some of my favorite single machine work.


Interesting thread. I don’t generaly work like that, but when I first got Digitakt I did my best to produce entire, complete tracks using nothing but it. A lot of them weren’t very satisfying because I was just learning to use to machine, but I did complete a two track release that uses nothing but the Digitakt as a sound source:

I think it was a pretty fun and inspired experiment. Before I had gotten Digitakt I was just kinda getting back into making music. I had bought some Pocket Operators and they had broken a long artistic block I had. I had become really tired of working with a DAW, using the same synths, breaking the same breakbeats and I was desperate for a change of pace. Before that I had sold off a lot of my old synths which just didn’t really talk to each other or me. Only one I retained was a Sidstation, which has a lot of sentimental value to me. :smiley:

I have since bought a Digitone and a D-05 and I work with the four of synths I got now. I’m in a pretty happy Place with them now, but inevitably I’ll get bored and I’ll get something to complement those.

It might be fun to try to do something just in the Digitakt again someday, now that I probably have an even better handle on the device.


My current main live set (with a partner) is almost entirely sampled percussion plus Virus Ti. Sometimes it seems easier to use one poly / multi-timbral machine, in terms of getting all the tracks to fit together nicely…