Single synth obsessions


in a situation of single synth obsession, i highly recommend to have a swap single synth for another obsession. just in case.


Interesting topic, I’ve had this obsession in the back of my head since I first heard Todd Terje’s “It’s The Arp” EP which was made exclusively on the ARP 2600, including the masterpiece that is Inspector Norse, but also my favourite of his, Swing Star Pt1:

And recently I’ve been digging Simon Haydo a lot, and he works exclusively with a Korg MS-20 to get a really big sounding “minimalist” techno:

Also, and this is clearly a plug, I’ve worked on a Digitone only techno set a while ago, and the challenge is really interesting, on of the best ways to push your knowledge of a machine, a genre and music making as a whole. And also a lot easier on the brain to know the framework within which you’re working:


Nice sounds from the Digitone @Martebar


Great set, you’ve got a new subscriber. :+1:


Are you guys familiar with acreil’s work? Most of his albums are entirely made with Pure Data - which I find rather impressive. It sounds quite good too, in the vein of Autechre and such.


that’s great stuff, nice one :slight_smile:


Yes! Was listening to his stuff just yesterday. Very nice indeed.


I believe single synth obsession exists for gear you can’t afford, you always wanted to have or play around with, some synthesis you don’t have in your arsenal. Once you have that synth it can turn in a love or hate or love and hate relationship!

So single synth obsessions:
-Andromeda A6, Ems Synthi, Arp2600, Nord G2, DSI PEK, Ensoniq Fizmo, Hartmann Neuron

Single synth love:
-Op1, MS20, tb303, A4, electribe emx1

Single drumcomputer love:
-MD, tr909, tr808, circuitbent tr505


This one is entirely made with the op-1.


This is a fantastic album. I’m really digging it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

I would also argue to the casual listener that yes, it’s made on a computer, but no, it does NOT sound like Autechre. It’s very much its own sound world.


oh my


Octatrack only… using some of my sample packs and one AKWF sawtooth sample.

Still my favourite electronic instrument. So diverse.


@Simon have you ever seen such MC202 for only 300euro starting bid :laughing: it has a midi kit but doesn’t work :rofl: no labelling! The guy bought an mc without enclosure years ago and has given up on his project.


I still dont have OT so, for now, probably MNM :slight_smile:


The MC202 tracks will be released soon :slight_smile: exciting!


I’m all for keeping a limited palette of sound-making sources to help boost creativity, knowledge of an instrument, and - more often than not - a ‘must finish’ mindset. For me, if I keep swapping gear in and out and looking for ‘the sound’ I will never finish anything (not that I get much past tracking these days).

I’ve pared my rig back to the Digitone, a Keystep keyboard, and a couple of effects pedals (which are all going to be swapped out when my Zoia arrives this week). For guitar, I’ve reduced the size of my pedalboard and PSU so that I can only have a small selection of carefully-picked sounds; most of the time I fall back to my BigSky reverb and a delay or two.

Keep the gear light and the music-making time optimised!


just re-visited Ellen Allien’s “Thrills” for the first time in a while. totally forgot how Arp 2600 centric it is. apparently she bought one just before making it. if you know the sound of it, you can hear it everywhere on this record. definitely not the only synth used, but it’s ALL. OVER. this album. awesome release too, highly recommended. yeah, it’s like 14 years old now, but it’s some excellent electro.



Great topic. I use hardware as creation and performance tools for live performances, and I’m very drawn to the minimalist one (or two) device approach.

Lately I’ve been preferring less sampled and more synthesized sounds for most everything live, even drums. As a “for instance”, I had added a Circuit Mono Station to my live setup, originally for fat basses and squelchy analog goodness, but started heavily employing patch-flipping and parameter locks for mixed percussion and melodic sequences. My other sample-oriented devices started sounding … not as exciting to my ears. I did a show a couple of weeks ago with just an MPC Live and quite frankly I just wasn’t feeling it.

So that patch flipping and being able to record all 50+ continuous analog parameters on the Mono made me greedy for more. I’m sure some of you can see where this is going: I now have a Digitone arriving tomorrow and am very much looking forward to giving a go to using it exclusively to perform some live sets. Talk about a “minimalist” setup.

I know there will be challenges, but some of the work I’ve seen and heard coming from people wringing the most from just this box alone is astounding.

Also looking forward to getting back into FM type sounds again. I think the Digitone’s hybrid approach to synthesis is a real gem, and I can’t wait to get into the vaunted Elektron sequencing.

Crossing my fingers I’ll be good for a while and can focus on just the Digitone, but I’m hopeful. Some of the design decisions are just brilliant and since my preferred styles are more minimal, I’ll be able to get a lot of mileage from this.

Sorry for the long post, I’m just glad to see others in the “one device” camp and am looking forward to a near-future gig where I can show up with just my Digitone and make some beautiful dance music.


That is dope.