Roland MC-202

Starting a dedicated topic for the MC-202 (following some great pointers in Single-synth obsessions)

I wanted to share an upcoming mod:

The list of features is extensive and exciting, including wholly new drums:


I’ll jump in as I recently bought one of this little monster and it happen I just uploaded a solo jam with it today !


I’ve got two 202s from trades back in the early 2000s. I go through phases with them - a day or two to remind myself what the hell is going on, and then a couple of weeks making the most of my regained specialist knowledge. Getting into Elektron gear and gaining another (and MIDI-friendly) DIN Sync source had an impact on my 202 use, but they’re still great fun to use once you’re got the sequencing straight in your head again. I love the LFO delay, which alongside the accent can add a lot of interest to even a short loop. I’d probably take those over the 101’s noise source if I had to choose, though many’s a time I’d happily have taken the 101’s sequencer…


I’m very happy I managed to find a semi-modular modded version of this thing, it makes it a beast if you have just a few eurorack modules at hand to go with it (and I of course have more than a few hahaha).
I still need to find time to make a proper video about this modded unit.

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Mine are vanilla, but even then I’ve never really explored the second CV channel, on the grounds that one 202 sequencing lane is more than enough to be dealing with, thanks. Having some CV input would be great, but I content myself with the fact that the 202 is a tweaker’s dream - the sliders may be short, but they all have sweet spots running the full length.


Nice! Great to have another high quality 202 video out there.
Reminded me a little of

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Yeah I saw those videos from this guy, that’s actualy how i discovered who he was, even tho I’m not at all into the type of music he makes most of the time.
I thought of my little jam more as a sort of Alessandro Cortini tribute, even tho I had no plan at all when I made it, that’s why it’s filmed so badly by the way hahaha

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For those curious about the Analogue Solution semi modular mod I’m using it a little bit in this video. I’ll make a proper one to describe exactly what all the ins and outs are doing at some point, it’s actualy more clever than I thought when I bought it to be honest.


Drip - An album by Amble

Great album by @Ess done on the MC-202 and TR-606 I believe…

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So i’m thinking of swapping the behringer 2600 for an 202. The one i’m looking at has modified inputs cv/gate/filter/porta.

How could one syncronize it with roland boutiques?

Some have clock out … depends on the boutique.

When I had a 202 I also had a Kenton box for midi … but it was about 25 years ago.

Don’t the Boutique have a Dynsync out ?

PS: If the boutique have an analog clock in on midi jack, you can use the second sequencer channel from the 202 to tap in a straight beat that will act as a clock, i’ve done it to clock my modular from it.

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Dan Nigrin’s software is great for backing up or creating 202 sequences, works really well.

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That would be great - there’s a lot of mods on that version, it seems! The 202 I have here only has CV/gate, filter and portamento mods on it.


After reading your comment that it’s a tweakers dream I got really interest and ordered one from reverb yesterday. I paid a lot, but I can’t seem to find one anywhere in the US under 900.

Really excited to play it, flaws and all. Just seems like a magical tone and vibe for jamming!

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Just thought I’d comment on the MC-202’s 2’nd lane:

What’s it all about?

Hey there sir, after a look at your comment here you got me all disturbed as I was pretty sure you could sequence two distinct things … and actualy you can.
I’ve just written a simple “duet” with the 202 playing lane 1 and my Grandmother playing lane 2 with different notes and timing and I do have both playing their thing at the same time.
Maybe your sequencer has a problem ?

Looking forward to this


My guess is he put the 202 on hold while working on the 606 Eurorack modules: 6quencer and 6m0d6. Seems to have similar taste to @Ess!

Hope he can pick it up again soon :slight_smile:

Any tips for someone who has never had his hands on an mc-202 before? Some beginner ideas?

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