Sign-up for the Overbridge 2.0 closed beta




I have many tricks, but most just end up with me drinking a beer. Today a lot of beer actually(hopefully? probably?), as the party is about to start! I bought myself a pair of XDJ’s as well for my birthday, hello midlife crisis, adios neighbors.

And Overbridge! Woehoe!


I signed up immediately when the email came in. That said, even if I don’t get selected, we’re making progress here!!


And of course I can’t afford to replace my DT right now. :imp: At least something’s finally happening.


Exciting : )


– plus more practically Ryan, you can put on your resume that you’re an Elektron Bug Catcher. Go get 'em.

This is great news!


The greatest improvement OB 2.0 will bring is shutting up all those haters and making our beloved forum nice again.


Don’t you remember what happened to those children?


They ate candy and one of them lived to be happily ever after. What’s not to love about that?


Today is a good day for checking used gear pages. The prices might go up fast.
ps: good luck!


#MEGA: Make Elektronauts Great Again ^^


Haha, people don’t cease to amaze. Best thing I’ve seen for a while. :joy:




crossing fingers!!!


This is makes be a happier person


Could we have some eta for the public release? How long is the closed beta going to run?


At this time, no. It depends on how the beta progresses.


I’m a beta tester of macOS Mojave 10.14 is there also interest if you run that?


Signed up, fingers crossed…Everyone who complained its time for action…I moaned, but now its time to put your money where your mouth is and be part of the solution…Beta is never easy and definitely a hindrance to work flow…but the more relevant information Elektron have the sooner this will be a working model…game on…


Oh shoot! It’s your birthday too?!(albeit, not anymore!) My brother!