Should I get a Digitone?


Hi, recently got a DT and love it, great intro into the Elektron universe. Have a Korg minilogue, monologue, volca FM and ARP Odyssey (yes I went korg crazy), I’m looking at the DN and I am wondering if it is a good next purchase, I like it’s compatibility with the DT. How much would you recommend it or other alternatives in the same price bracket.


It’s great with the DT.

Do you need more gear though?


Buy one. Immediately.
I also have a DT and the combo is glorious, though to be honest the DN on its own is one of the coolest bits of kit I have had the opportunity to use, it is very very flexible in terms of the sounds it can make.


do you like the sound of your Volca fm?
if yes - get a DN

if not - still get a DN :content:


No but, wheres the fun in that. :smile:
Cheers for the reply.


I’m 90 percent there, it does look like a great investment.


Love FM. The volca is great for what it is, creating patches is a bit fiddly, the digitakt blew me away, that’s mainly why the tone has piqued my interest.


then it‘s not a question imo :slightly_smiling_face:


I just scored one for a great price and am blown away by the ease of use and depth of it!

Easily the most fun i’ve had with an Elektron box right out of the gate, i’m working with it alone for a while. But it should pair nicely with MnM & Rytm and a light toasting by the AH.


Get a Digitone.


It’s not should I, it’s why didn’t I

Do it!




The last update has made the DN even more of a desirable machine. Trying to resist the temptation.

I have a Preenfm2 which I’ve hardly scratched the surface of in terms of its capabilities. I’m wondering if getting a DN is going to make the process of using/learning FM that much easier/fun…?


Yes. It’s awesome.

I use mine as a midi brain for sequencing my other gear, paired up with a midi solutions Quadra Thru. If any music is being made, my Digitone is center stage as the conductor. It can sound HiFi and digital, or hazy / detuned analog with the right programming. It’s one of the best stand alone pieces of gear you can purchase because of the quality, feature-set, and capabilities.

Use it for pads.
Use it for basslines.
Use it for drums.
Use it for fx.
Use it for Arpeggios and melodies.

It’s dope.


I have to say I am not surprised by the general love for this thing, it really is awesome. Also just played around with setting the oscs up for wavefolding west coast stylee, and man does that sound good. So tbh this is a box that kills FM, and also most of the not FM stuff too.


YES! Best synth ever. I´m using for everything, as told by the brother above. Sold AR, DT, OT, AH…and my live is now all Digitone based :smiley:


I own a Digitone and feel like it has been my best musical purchase in YEARS. I’ve fully swallowed the kool-aid and feel like the Elektron way is genius, but on top of that, the synth itself is an incredibly musical and versatile modern hybrid take on FM synthesis. The SOUNDS that come out of this thing are so satisfying.

I’m your mirror image right now because I’m thinking of getting a DT as a companion to the DN. The only things stopping me are that I already have an MPC Live and, bigger picture, I’ve been deliberately moving away from sample-based music to focus on synthesis. The Digitone really delivers that self-contained synthesis experience for me.


Me too. Had a couple of VERY good live experiences now with the Digitone as my centerpiece. I could have used the DN all by itself, but I included an Arturia Keystep to play parts on the DN when appropriate and a Circuit Mono Station for that extra analog voice. Plus, the Circuit Mono’s ability to do per-step patch locks (like DN’s sound locks) means I can use it for analog drums, which lets me do all sorts of interesting additional percussion layering and song transitions.


if you can afford it. yes. very much yes.
beyond it beyond fun. and being a 4 track poly midi sequencer.
currently it’s holding its price. i had to sell mine to pay some bills. and didn’t really lose any money on it. so you could get one. and if you don’t like it in a month. probably sell it for about how much you paid for it.
its super fun. i will buy another one when i have the money.


The DT+DN+Keystep-Combo is awesome. You really do not need anything more. Perhaps more time, less work.

At the moment i dont know what else i should buy because i have a 300 € retoure at musicstore. I am thinking and thinking but there is nothing what i really need more.