Should I get a Digitone?


I can tell you - there’s one more amazing Elektron box with the same form-factor :thermometer:


The Heat is one of the devices i am really watching at. but i do not know if it worth the money.

i have a resonator mk2 but to get the sweetpots is very hard to find. but perhaps it is enough to only get an analog saturation.




No, use all your instruments! Sequence the volca with your DT! In fact sequence all your gear with it :smiley:


I had a Digitone briefly, I loved the filter, the harmonics for the waves, the LFOs. There was just this anemic sound that put me off - the base sound was like diet coke to coke’s pure sine waves. I went through every preset and video I could find - it was in all of them, I couldn’t escape it. Maybe someone with a Spectrogram or Oscilloscope can prove it to me otherwise, but I went for the Reface DX instead, much nicer sounding to my ears - and it’s got a keyboard. Pair it with my Digitakt and I’m set. This was before the most recent version, though. With the new update, maybe the slightly off-ratios can create some chaos or disorder that I was missing in the original sound. I want to want one again…


I had one when it first came out expecting something similar to the monomachine but sold it after a few months as I did not get the same joy out of programming it. With all the new updates I decided to buy it again and I am really loving it. Portamento, randomize, and ratio offsets get you into much more experimental territory and makes it more of a go to synth for sound design rather than just a cool groovebox. If they ever give it slides you should be able to get real crazy. Still haven’t heard any of the strange sounds the monomachine fm can produce but you can get close in some aspects and it takes much less time to get there. Please @Ess give this thing some slides! Why take a step back with this machine and deprive it of one of the main elektron differentiators?


I had a Preen for a while. There’s heaps of stuff I miss about it that I wish the DN had (microtuning, constrained patch randomisation, DX patch loading, 2 extra operators) but I’ve been far more productive on the DN than I was sequencing the Preen from my Octa.


Yes you really should. It’s such a powerful little box that can pretty much do everything very well and there’s no other synth in the world that I’d rather use. I find it fun and exiting to program since you come across so many interesting sounds and textures and it can do deep and awesome sounding kicks and basses. I recommend coming back to your patterns and sounds often and refining them and I find that I now need less and less EQ’ing the resulting master files.
I can not recommend the Digitone enough! :heart_eyes: :grin:


To the question “should I get the Digitone”, I believe @krypt brought the best answer there is:


I just bought one.
So you dont have to.
See how good I am to you?


yes have one! :slight_smile:


Put the €300 towards some nice monitors (if you don’t already have them)

I have a pair of Focal Alpha 65 and for the money they are fantastic.



I sold it, i missed it, i rebuyed it. Yes, that’s bonkers.


I don´t understand what you mean with anemic sound. I have some soundpacks that have really good sounds and with the randomization features it´s even easier to find great patches.


:open_mouth: All Digitone?
(Ah 90% Digitone)


well, just wanted to check this topic…
now I ordered a Digitone.


Gonna take the plunge, thanks for all the replys.


Haha sorry, not a very technical term. I’ll try again: I don’t like how the sine waves sound and I can’t shake hearing it in every patch. My experience was almost instant repulsion and disappointment, even though I loved other aspects. It could be in the sound generation, or it could be that something is off in the original waveform. My ownership was before this most recent patch (the randomization feature sounds awesome) and maybe the next time I am looking to buy a synth slash I will consider that.


haha yea to clarify, parts that were not digitone:

  • transition woosh (serum)
  • clap (serum)
  • white noise thingy (ableton’s operator)
  • saw that raises in pitch in the breaks (ableton’s analog)

I would have made these on the digitone but I wanted perfect white noise/saw instead of getting sorta kinda close with the dn.


SOPHIE's sound design (Digitone or Monomachine?)

More please, saw this posted in lots of PC music groups I follow, right up my street