Should I buy a RYTM MK2?


I have missed my MK1 since I sold it. Was an inch away from purchasing a MK2 and decided to peruse the boards. i can’t lie…the bugs, crashes, freezes I read about have totally tempered my GAS.

I went to the Elektron site and the AR MK2 = currently not available.

Would it be crazy to buy one in stock at a local dealer…??

Thanks in Advance for your opinions


I’ve been using the AR2 for over a year now and have not encountered bugs or crashes. I do have a freeze problem and my unit is now in Sweden for warranty repair. If you buy from a dealer you have at least a year warranty so you 're covered in case you encounter any issues.


Check if there is a “cheap” 2nd hand rytm mk2 some where.
Buy it


Get one, it‘s a fantastic drum machine. If it needs service, Elektron are great at that.


Nothing wrong with using a local dealer or second hand. Everything on the Elektron site is currently not available. I’m guessing they’re undergoing some server maintenance, or maybe they’re just waiting for the weather to improve?! hehe. I’ve been waiting on the product registration page to open for weeks now.


I’m very curious why you have hesitation to buy Elektron from a local dealer. Have you had negative experiences???


FWIW I have also been using Rytm MK2 for over a year without a single issue.


the boards are littered with individuals who have multiple broken units.

thus my hesitation.

it may be those with working units are more quiet


This is the case with any product. People don t run to the interwebz to say their stuff works just fine.


Go for it. Learn it. Never look back! You’ll be fine.


Great device with minor issues, at least mine has some. Some white noise on the right channel, freezing ui sometimes, sometimes some button combos refuse to work. Soundwise the claps are lacking, everything else sounds excellent to me :)! Would buy one again!


no issues with my mk2.


honestly, I had it for a month and thought it was hot garbage.

Don’t get me wrong, this thing THUMPS. It bangs. But the pads are the worst things I have ever finger drummed on. It’s not worth the price, in my opinion.

mine also glitched out on me and I got a refund from Sweetwater. Such a disappointment, but I bought an MPC Live instead and I’m doing waaayyy more than I ever thought of doing with the Rytm. Sure, workflow of making a techno pattern isn’t quite as seamless, but it gets the job done for me. And it works wonderfully with my A4.

Don’t buy a Rytm MKII.


I love my MK2. It hugely influenced the way I play beats. The performance pads are so satisfying. The aftertouch lets you really lean into them and get a good amount of in-between parameter values for whatever you’ve assigned to them. 95% of the time (after I’ve set up my kits and patterns) I’m just pushing and pulling on the perf pads.


Same here


The sound is definitely superior. I got an early release with faulty pad sensors, which they replaced. When it came back I had sticky keys on the sides rubbing against the chassis. A friend told me to pop out the key with a guitar pick and put it back on to realign the buttons. Seemed to work well and no other issues to report. I’d say get one still under warranty and if it has issues submit a ticket and they’ll take care of you. The sound is worth it though.


i have no questions about the sound/sequencer etc… i owned a MK1

just concerned about hardware issues on the new make


i bought one, had problems, bought other boxes, had a lot of problems with all MK2…
after half a year I tried again, no problems with A4 and AR (both mk2)
fantastic machines


I love my mk2 i use it almost every day.


Had some pad issues, recalibrated, have not had issues since.