Should I buy a RYTM MK2?


The rytm mk2 is one of my favorite instruments, and i’ve never had any issue with it. My a4 has some sticky keys but no other problem.


I actually like the pads quite a bit. Pads seems to be a matter of taste, so there is no substitute for trying them yourself. (e.g., I prefer the Ableton Push I pads to the Push II, though I think this is not a common opinion)

I have also never had any issues with my AR MK2. It’s the best Electron product in my (again, probably minority) opinion.


I purchased mine through Guitar Center in November.

I’d say go for it if you have no interest in using the control inputs right away; everything else has largely been solid.

Re: control input issues:

  1. On the AR2, a control input signal of zero will modulate the destinations, whereas proper behavior would be an input signal of zero would have no effect. (On 1.45, the meter read an input signal of 0 as -63; with 1.46B, the meter has been corrected, but the actual functionality hasn’t been.)
  2. On the AR2, modulation routings are not updated with kit swaps/ pattern changes. (This has never worked for me.)
  3. On both MKII’s, you have to switch the control input modes, under the global menu, away and back to re-engage modulations following a power cycle.
  4. On the AR2, I believe one needs to also switch each destination routing away and back for them to re-engage following a power cycle.

Re: freezes/ crashes — I’ve since experienced one freeze on 1.45, as well as several on 1.46B.


First new one I had nearly a year ago froze up on an OS update and I exchanged it for a fully tested one from Elektron which seemed fine. Frustration with the learning curve and lack of Overbridge 2 caused me to sell it and wait a bit. Two weeks ago I decided to jump back in. The first one I tried was brand new and had the pad mute issues, as did the mint condition used one I bought to replace it last week. Just a run of bad luck? I doubt it. I won’t deny that there are unproblematic units out there, as I believe I had one, but be aware that the problems are definitely there, seemingly at a higher than normal rate for a product in this price range and with this pedigree.

I love the sound and the potential of the Rytm MkII, and there is nothing else out there that combines all the features it has. Sadly, I am very hesitant to try another at this point. If you decide to buy one, get it from a retailer with a good return policy and be certain to thoroughly test it before the return period runs out. I know Elektron has a good warranty, but if you have problems, repair will require sending it back to them with some down time before getting it back. Not what I want to deal with when I’m in the middle of a project. Good luck with whatever you decide on!


Mine unfortunately has the pad mute issue as well. I’ve finished up some of the projects I was working on, and will be sending it in for a repair. Hopefully after Elektron has taken a look at it that will be the last of that :smile:

Otherwise I’ve had the ocassional bug. One bug that popped up a few times for me was that 1 channel in a kit refused to make sound. A quick workaround was to copy/paste all sounds one by one to a new kit. A little bit annoying but not the end of the world.

I’ve never really had any issues with other Elektron devices, including the Rytm Mk1, so not sure why my Mk2 has problems. That said, I have no regrets about it, as it is probably my favourite Elektron device at the moment. Fixes all the problems I had with the Mk1.


Sorry to derail the thread for a minute but does the MKi have these issues?


Got an AR Mk2 last August.
Not one fault so far.

Only thing I noticed is the pads are very sensitive.
And you got to get used to the new encoders, it took me a while before I was comfortable with them.

Other than that, I like it more than mk1. UI is superior on many points.


To all the people claiming to have no problems with their unit — how are you using the control inputs (if at all)?


I purchased the MK2 brand new in November. I was very skeptical when I bought it about whether I was making the right decision. I have used it heavily since then (probably an average of 10+ hours/week). I did have one single freeze during all of that time. It seemed to be MIDI related (similar to the Digitakt MIDI freeze bug perhaps?). Other than this, I seem to have had zero issues with mine.


I bought my armkii and my dt second hand off gumtree…first i bought my dt and discovered it had an earth problem…because it was under warranty still Elektron replaced it no questions asked brand new…the confidence this gave me in thier service level pushed me to buy a secondhand armkii off gumtree knowing that if there were problems Elektron had my back…

Mine has been great!! One minor crash when at the infant stages of beta testing but i have owned a tone of drum machines and the armkii is definately a great piece of kit. And will hold value if you want to sell.