Setting up the OT to perform live with

It seems to make sense. As I didn’t play live with several songs, other points of view and links to other theads are welcome.

Hey again, I’ve been searching for info on this but I’m sure dedicated OT users can help by answering these questions pretty please:

  • if i setup OT with one project and then have bank 1 for song 1, bank 2 for song 2… etc, does the bank change all of the tracks (from 3-7 in my case) on the OT?
  • will this also change the samples in track?

Will this work? Thanks is advance.

Have a creative day.

Parts hold the machine and sample slot selection and you have 4 per bank, so in fact you can have 4 variations of tracks and samples per bank.
For simplicity many users have patterns 1-4 assigned to part 1, 5-8 part 2, 9-12 part 3, and 13-16 part 4.

After you set up bank 1 with your first song, when you switch to bank 2 it’s like starting over with 4 fresh parts to work with and empty patterns…

You can have different sample assignments on each part of each bank, but you must make sure to load the samples into different sample slots than ones used in other parts…
For example if you go to a new bank and load a flex to track one and it shows it having sample slot 1 loaded, do not change the sample in sample slot 1, as that will change the sample from any track in other parts or banks accessing slot 1. Instead move the new flex machine to a higher empty slot, and load the new sample there…


If I understand you…yes…each bank will start on new part1 so, you can change almost all…

Edit: Open Mike was faster!


Thanks so much. I’m about to try and move some of my tracks from Ableton over to the OT to perform live. This helps a huge amount as I want to get it right the first time and stick to it.


Thank you

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Once you get each part the way you want it, remmember to save it right then…
That way you can always reload them if you mess them up…


And fortunately, you can copy parts. :slight_smile:


@sezare56 @Open_Mike @RiddimFernandez I’m trying to figure out how to make a master project to play songs live. I have each song saved as a project. I imagine I need to somehow copy these projects into some kind of master project? How do you put a performance project together when all your songs are different projects?

Any help would be great :confused:


:smile: This is one of the best explanations I’ve ever seen !

It took me 2 years to really understand the “architecture” …and still learning nuances . And because I fear accidental project dump or loss. I did that with my MD early on .


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It is very complicated. You have to organise projects in banks, copy banks to the destination project, reorganize all sample slots…
I succeeded to merge a project in another one.

I’d recommend @Rusty’s Octaedit for that.


I’ve never done what your up to. Seems @sezare56 has some good advice.
Copy/paste a bunch of stuff to a bank, copy the bank as a file to the master project, copy/paste from there to rearrange if needed, redo sample slots, repeat from same or other projects as necessary… Seems to be what he’s saying…


Unfortunately there’s no copy bank function. You can copy and rename a bank in Ot’s file manager in order to replace another bank in another project, but it is easier with a computer writing on the card.
You also have to collect samples in each project you want to copy. Samples slots positions have to be the same. Make a list of samples you need.
You can arrange sample slots in former projects and copy banks if I remember well. Not sure.
I think I edited the project file with the new sample slot list, copying from old project.

To sum up, you need a good night and a lot of coffe, know what are file paths, use text editor…


@Open_Mike @sezare56 Cool thanks for the reply. I guess I just don’t understand how people use the ot live without switching projects :woman_shrugging:

As a live looper with other gear and a Rytm I could play an hour set off one pattern if I really wanted.
We all use this thing differently. With four parts/patterns I can do a lot of stuff and it won’t sound similar, but that’s just the way I have it set up in combination with everything else I do…

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How many parts/patterns do you need per song?
I highly recommend as your creating to just move to another bank instead of making a new project per song, or use 1/2 a bank, or 2 banks, depending on your needs…


I have been using one project and each song is one bank… i only use the OT in the dark trinity as the clock and start/stop… i then play the analog and rytm together and throw a sample or two on in the OT then manually switch the bank on the rytm and the analog4…


That’s interesting. I currently use just one pattern per song and it works very well - since I’m using the Analog Rytm, Digitone and other synths besides it.

I now have the problem that I created for every song one project and now I want to squeeze them all to one project for a better workflow (sucks to change project after every song…).

I will try, didn’t work yet with the copy/paste function.

(Sorry for bumping into this thread but I wanted to talk more about this …)

For Octatrack you could use the Octaedit software or copy/paste stuff manually when OT is in USB mode (involves some paper work, a detailed descriptions of the process is probaply floating around here in the forum, basically you copy the and bank.strd files and write down all samples that were used in the parts of the bank*) I guess for the A4/AK and Rytm you can use Sysex to transfer only the stuff you want into a project.
Sysex should also work for Digitone?

*Moving Patterns/Parts/Banks Between Projects?