Setting up a neighbor track

I did a few searches and have been getting error responses, maybe because I am using a tablet,idk?
I am a bit familiar with the MnM and neighboring tracks through routing but am struggling with setting this up on the A4.

I have been going through the manual but am missing something. O_o
Thanks for your help!

Hi Indigo333,

With A4, the neighbor routing is different than MM, as the carrier of the previous (neighbor) track’s audio is an Oscillator, specifically, OSC 2.

So, under OSC 2 waveform select, you’ll find the Neighbor (“N”) waveform option. This will take the audio output of the previous track into the oscillator stage of the current track.

Good luck!


We had a mini Neighbor Track challenge on the sandbox forum a few weeks ago. Check out this thread for more details and a few sound examples of people using Neighbor Tracks.


Thank you for your help on this. Yes, indeed this is very different from the MnM. Both the A4 and MnM compliment each other beautifully. Shall I say it’s like 2 monsters getting together to make beastly babies :wink:
This is simple and to the point,thanks!

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Thanks Chad! This will help me get more comfortable with the A4 routing and crack it open a bit more! Cheers!

I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s possible to root tracks from A4/K into other ones. For example, Track 1 in to Track 2, giving the option of 4 OSC (+Subs) all going in to the same filter. Is this do-able?

You can set track 2’s Osc2 waveform to “Neighbor”, which will route the output of track 1 to track 2.

It’s very powerful!


Thanks so much! Going to get some massive saw waves going


I have no idea why, but I completely missed out on neighbour tracks. :zonked:
I’m in a hurry to change that