A4 Science Lab: Neighbor Tracks


The Neighbor routing feature within the Analog Four and Analog Keys seems to be a really underused capability.

“activate Neighbor (OSC2 Waveform), which will route the audio of the previous track to the currently active track.”

Let’s try a Science Lab to take advantage of this feature, have fun, and make some interesting music.

The rules are:

  • One Analog Four or Analog Keys
  • Each Track should use OSC2’s in Neighbor “NEI” as the Waveform.
  • You can do any combination of “NEI” routing as you see fit between the A4’s tracks.
  • All Sounds must come from the Analog Four or Analog Keys.
  • Overbridge beta is okay to use, but all sounds must come from the Analog Four, no processing or external sounds from Overbridge.
  • Use of multiple patterns, and song mode is good. Our creative restriction is really focused on Neighbor Track processing.

Doing things such as parameter locking NEI On/Off is fine. The goal is to really see how far we can stretch and take this feature using all of the A4’s tracks. Feedback loops from the A4’s output re-routed into the Input L/R is welcome. You can use the CV tracks, but only in context of re-routing them into the External Inputs for things like Kick Drum Effects. See This: A4 CV Sine Kick.

Areas to explore:

Doing large filter stacks by processing Neighbor track audio thru multiple track Filters. Up to 8 analog filters can be stacked from Track1!

AM Modulation seems to be affected by external inputs AND the Neighbor Track audio. Exploration in Amplitude Modulation can be very interesting. Especially when combined with the A4’s filters and overdrive.

Here is a screen shot of the A4 signal flow as a reminder that the Neighbor track audio goes out before the AMP Envelope Stage:

Let’s see how far we can take this up until the end of August.

Have Fun!

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Should maybe move this to the Mission Briefs section?

Cool idea. I’ve never used this feature. Are there any videos on it?

Sure, I’ll see if a forum Mod can move it.

I haven’t seen any tutorial videos specifically on the Neighbor track feature. By the end of this Lab we may have some though. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about starting or setting up Neighbor tracks in the A4 let me know. I can make a quick step by step text guide or examples.

Cool, I’ll have a look and will yell if I need any help! Thanks.

I’ve been working on a few demo Kits using Neighbor routing. A nice filter stack so far. I will post some demos once I have a chance.


My attempt, 3 neighbours in this track.

not bad! … pretty devilish in the middle … pretty inspiring!..

:astonished: Love the richness of tone that you’ve got going on here. Very resonant, I dig. :rage:

Thanks. Looking forward to hear a few more submissions.

This uses one sound with a two note pattern on Track 1, the remaining track sounds are Neighbor Track enabled. Using heavy filtering, panning with LFOs on NT tracks. The fun part is mixing using the performance page. You can achieve different variations by enable/disabling the source for your Neighbor Tracks. Very fun.

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.4 tracks
4 neighbors
3 min

I cut some shit out from the middle

no after processing

at the end a4 fx

cheers guys

wow guys, excellent!!!

wow!! I’ve very much enjoyed this one!

Man, this one is oozing the PHAT. Any pointers how do do this?