Sequential Take 5 five voice poly

With a filter based on the P5! Listed at 1074€.


Ooh. Nice find. This has my interest for sure.

This especially:


  • Recreates the characteristics of vintage synthesizers by introducing micro-fluctuations in oscillators, filter, and envelopes per voice.

There’s a long thread on GS already, but it hadn’t been mentioned here yet. But yeah, on paper this looks like the sort of synth I was hoping, but not expecting*, Sequential would release next.

*[$3500 Oberheim collaboration]

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This is what the top of the page translates to:
“ A new analog synth, 5-voice. Digital effects, presets, 2 vcos, sequencer, arp,…with Prophet 5 filter

For anyone who wants to experience the sequential prophet sound. Or just looking for a nice analog synth that doesn’t take up too much space and keeps its trade-in value nicely”


This looks really interesting…

Kind of what I’ve wanted all along, a semi small poly synth with nice keybed and knobby interface… I’m holding out for demo sounds but this is interesting… kind of feels like a spiritual upgrade to the Mopho X4


I wonder if it has the same overall sound as the P5, but with modern touches like fx, sequencer, more modulation, etc. If so, than this would be a win in my book, Because I love the smaller form factor as well. Or maybe the VCO’s are different?

This is so cool, not least because of the Dave Brubeck Quartet-inspired name. Not a bad price all things considered. May very well pick one up in the future. :smiley:


very interested. Looking for a knobby analog poly for quite some time, but never found something that really fits my taste besides the hardly affordable prophet 6 and ob6

Interesting… kind if surprised there is no 3rd digital oscillator to give it the more polyevolver feel. Still a new dsi analog poly aimed at being affordable is pretty good news.



I dig that the second LFO is per voice.


The name Take 5 could be the most telling thing, a P5 that you can actually take with you. Because The P5 is like a boat anchor. So yeah, this one could be a P5, smaller, and with all the modern touches?


Also holding out for the manual… I want an extensive look on the modulation options


I’m not buying anything atm but would hold out for the new dread box stuff. See what they have.
And hopefully judging by typhon update they might have usb audio. This just has usb midi.

It probably sounds great though. My behringer pro1 sounds nice.

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I’m wondering if they nerfed the aesthetics to prevent it from overtaking the more expensive models in popularity. Must sound really good. It can’t be that much more expensive for them to give it better looking knobs and better colors/design

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The aesthetics are the same as the Pro 3.


It’s looks kind of like the pro 3 standard version…


No Pro 3 standard looks so much better. The black and red contrast makes it pop and the layout is just aethetically a lot more appealing. This is a really drab design imo. A weird combo of Pro3 and the latest Korgs but without nice contrasts.


This is a nice surprise. I can’t wait to hear what it sounds like. If it blends the classic character of the Prophet-5 with the features of the PRO-3, then it will be a hit. I love how compact it is.