Sequencer & Sound Programming Tips for Digitone


I think we could start collecting Sound programming Tips Here for the Digitone.

Let me start by asking a question. :rofl:

I created a few Patches by using presets as a starting Point. I noticed that i had with some an irritating click at the start of a sound. I only can get rid of that click by using a high Pass Base width Filter. Which of course Changes my Sound too much? All Attack Times on all envelopes are Set to a longer setting. Where could that click come from? And what Else can i do against it?


A lot of us are getting this. 99% sure it’s a bug. @Ess can you confirm? It’s not just when overdrive is active.


Aha? OK and i thought that my FM Synthesis skills are simply Bad…


Any FM sound design tips are welcome ! Any tips for fm drums ?


Feedback and Modulation to the max to get noise that can be shaped than with envelopes and tamed with filter


What about bass drum ?


Is it the osc resetting?


The classic substraktive Synthesis Trick…use Filter self Reso. LP4 should do it. Tune by opening Cutoff. Reso to the max. Short Adsr.


Any Way to achieve it using only the fm engine ?


Up !





Thats a sine based one. Changing harmonics and Models will result in more tonal metallic results


Thanks a lot ! Any online resource for FM sound design ?


I Just analyzed one of the presets. They are a great source.


building on this you can get the kick more snappier by using a one shot lfo (“hlf”-mode) modulating the pitch of all operators (“pitch all”). works best with an “exp”-lfo waveform setting. adjust speed and depth to taste.


This sounds more like the attack of the amp is a bit to steep. Try keeping the Attack on the AMP ADSR at around 2-8 to reduce clicks from the oscillator resetting (or just starting at any odd value…)

0 attack is really 0 on the Digitone so… It will click! (However is usable with AENR off)


Thanks @Ess i Just thought it must be something Like that. But i am Sure i Set also the Amp Attack to 6 or something Like this. Let meine See If i can reproduce it. If i can i will Open a Support Ticket.


OK wasnt able to reproduce yet. Guess the problem was then in Front of the Digitone and between two ears.

However…i Just discovered that i can assign four Destination to the Modwheel…Just great when you want to jam.


remember that the two lfos can be used as additional operators. to get weird wide sounds try for example a very fast lfo in the 2k range on the panning and bring in delay to taste.


to give a bass sound extra punch, layer it with a second sound and place a kick on that. adjust the attack times so that the kick hits immediately and the bass shortly after.

for a wide bass, turn on chorus, but make shure, that it doesnt affect the low frequencies


I turned on unison mode for my kicks and they sound incredible now!