Sell me on the Analog Heat


Makes me wish I had a computer.


It’s a great feature, it’s fuckin awesome. OB best kept secret.

You know what to do in the next weeks…

My head is kinda spinning trying to understand this…

How does it sound?

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My last snippet uses the Side mode with the Round Fuzz circuit. All Tracks pass through the Heat. Notice how the Kick (centered) is clean.

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This is a strong counter to concerns about using it on the master.


Oh yes.

Yeah but its like M/S eq. (Or any other type of M/S processing)
It feels like the pinnacle of human existence when you first discover it and start using it. Then the reality kicks in. The listener cant tell the difference. And its whole load of computer faff for a tiny sonic return.


You shouldn’t get one. If you don’t see the possibilities in it, you’re throwing money away. It’s very much a luxury box with little value for dollar. But I have one and use it very often.

8 analog distortions, a stereo analog filter, EQ, envelope follower, class compliant audio interface, and seamless computer integration with DAWs or through the standalone Overbridge app. sacasm mode yeah, very little value :upside_down_face:


Do any listeners need to explicitly know what you’re doing for it to matter?

Interesting topic. Probably deserves its own thread.

I dropped a lot of workflow practices in my music, simply because I realised the listener doesnt care about the technical goings on, they care about the music , and how it makes them feel. The teeny tiny little tweaks that we get caught up in, get in the way of making solid tracks, in my opinion. Other may differ, and thats totally fine. Its an art after all.


Literally any computer with a cheap $100 interface:

Endless amounts of distortions, filters, and character EQs. As many as you’d ever want or need. An infinite selection of possibilities. Speaking as a sound designer here.

If you think $1000 for a couple distortions and a filter is “value” you’ve got some damned expensive tastes. It’s a luxury for people fortunate enough to have large amounts of disposable income.

Particularly in the case of OP. Who seems like they wouldn’t bother using half the device features in the first place.

Not saying it’s a bad box. Saying it’s massively marked up for what you get.


Can be said about pretty much any hardware but people like the tactile nature of hardware. Anyway, I CBA arguing it. It packs a lot of functionality into one box IMO

citation needed.

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Don’t need a citation to know that most modern tech. Especially a niche hobby like boutique hardware synths, is massively marked up.

Some brands are better for that. Behringer comes to mind. Older used gear as well is a much fairer price. You can get entire workstations that used to be worth $1000s of dollars for a few hundred.

Modern boxes are gonna be marked up man. I own four different premium Elektron Boxes. I like them, but not gonna pretend they’re some steal of a deal.

Ok yeah, i appreciate that.

I do get lost in the hunt and in my own head sometimes!

I guess I would need a citation to accept what you say at face value.

Obviously you can model distortion with plug-ins and there are brands that specialize in low cost hardware.

But there isn’t an argument that AH is “massively” marked up in comparison to comparable circuits without a citation.


Yeah, there’s an alternate reality where boutiques are unaffected by scale of industry, own fabs and don’t need r&d budget, because anyone can just clone without developing their own products, they rub their hands in glee at all the people who “overpay”.

Wild the degree of thought that gets placed into “common sense”.


Dude it’s marked up cause it’s a niche market…
The heat is worth what it is, look at other distortion units, do they work as an audio interface ? Or even half of what the heat does ?

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When I think about what my Heat does for me (and how hard I struggled without it) and then look at all the alternatives available that would achieve the same result, the Heat is easily amongst the cheapest options.

I’m getting close to emulating amp setups worth thousands of pounds with pretty much just my Heat and a couple of synths. Yes, there’s plenty of amp and cab emulations available as VSTs, but there’s a reason that people prefer the real thing and I think the Heat counts as the real thing.

Fucking stereo as well…