Select track on Digitone in mute mode?

Is there a way to select the track on the Digitone while being in mute mode?

On the DT it is possible to use [TRK] + [Trig] to do that (which I really like and use). On the DN there is only the MIDI button which switches the 4 tracks between MIDI sequencer and the 4 internal tracks. Having to leave the mute mode by [Func]+[Bank], selecting the track, and coming back to mute mode is not very comfortable if I would like to generally stay in mute mode in a live performance. Any other ways?

In the manual nothing is described about it. Neither in the list of shortcuts nor in the part about the mute modes I can find anything.


I asked this earlier and got nothing.

Following this thread


Would also LOVE to know this.




I’ve opened a support ticket and got the confirmation that this is not possible at the moment. It was forwarded as a feature request and it was said that they agree that this would make sense.

I am looking forward to a possible implementation in a firmware update.


It would be awesome if shift+trk would switch tracks in mute mode!
The normal function of the command is here somehow redundant :woman_shrugging:t3:


10/10 top notch request


Bump. This is a big oversight and UI logic failure. In Mute Mode, FUNC + TRK should obviously select a track, ie the inverse of non-Mute Mode.

That there’s no way to select a track - ie continue to work - while in Mute Mode is very strange.

New Digitone owner here. I’m also grappling with the arguably confusing mess of the Mute Modes, colours and indications. Long-time Digitakt owner and this is handled far, far better on the Takt. I’ve also encountered bugs I’ll have to try to repro to detail.

Many examples more of inconsistencies with regard to Mute Mode on the Digitone. One is that only in Mute Mode do the track lights flash white to indicate external MIDI note input. Why?!

I really think the whole area needs refining by Elektron.


I really wish they would provide select track in mute mode. It would be an awesome update!


Still waiting for this!!!


Me too.
Btw the mute state not clear in general, and it’s hard to know what is the selected track if it’s muted.

I’d also like a mode letting you mute midi tracks and audio tracks with trigs, using tracks buttons for track select.



would love for this to be implemented as well. Currently selecting tracks while in Mute mode is awkward.


I have both opened a new support ticket and sent a feature request email.


this. i realy can’t believe this omision.

more then two years later now!!!

…want to make another track active when in mute mode?:

that is two button combinations, plus the track selection itself…
means 5 keys to be pressed, with finger gymnastics,
just so you can select Another Track while staying in the mode that you are.

it is an incredibly unnecessary-complicated confusing distracting fingferdance, for an action that has to be done Constantly.

instead of Function +Tracknumber

is this an april fools joke they forgot to remove??

since years i am under the suspicion that there is some sort of design-terrrorist infiltrant from a concurrent company putting these things in every elektron gear :slight_smile:

it is like forgetting the second gear, when desiging a car or something.

this machine needs an urgent bugfix update JUST FOR THIS

that this was not fixed by the first update…
and not even with the last…

fkn psss me of!


Yes, that’s sad

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We need that!!

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So I take it this is still a thing, yeah?

yeah. Sold my digitone.

…got me a Rubiks cube instead. much easier


I mean, that’s not a reason to sell the DN. It’s still a fantastic synth.

it was for me. I expect high end musical instruments to have an optimal user interface. The non-listening attitude of elektron have been bothering many people for a long time. This is simply a bug. One that exists for more then 2 years now. But leave it to the elektron forum to fall all over this ‘en masse’. All the machines are full with weird things like this. The problem is that they don’t get solved.
Meanwhile happy 8(!) buttons pressing (including a key combination) to make a small adjustment (like volume) on one other track and go back to the current one.
And then we did not even speak about the confusing color combinations in the 3 layers of mute states

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