Science Lab Challenge, September 2015 [Submissions Thread]

Post you science lab submissions in this thread. Keep all discussion in the main thread.

The deadline for submission is Thursday the 24th of September, 1PM CET (Your video must be posted in this thread before deadline to be accepted. No exceptions.)

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Mikkel_Zen - Science Lab Challange, September 2015

Analog Four Overbridge VST automation
One voice/one track, under thirty seconds
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart

Here’s my submission using Analog Rytm with multi samples and analog kick on one track. It went few seconds over 30 but hey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

First Science Lab Challenge!

Ableton clip automation of Elektron Overbridge and Analog Four
One track

One note, one track and many LFOs on the Analog Four.

Here is my submission, previously posted in the main thread. Bad me!

This is my strange and probably not that musical moving video but it’s my first video ever! :slight_smile:

BT track on AR :slight_smile:

Here is my Track made with Rytm.
That was challenging, but fun.

Single channel from an Analog Rytm automated by Ableton. Blending a synth cowbell with a sampled cowbell from the Straight 808 pack. The kick is accomplished by using a sharp peak filter with a snappy envelope.

Here is my submission! That was fun!

I had a hard time choosing between a crazy track or a simple warm one … I went with the warm idea :slight_smile:

Hi all,
this is our contribution. Have fun!

If you like to listen to the complete song with Synthesizers check this link:

I used one Rytm (stereo out with FX) with OB 1.0 and Ableton Live 9.2.1

AR analogue BD and SD + vinyl drum samples + samples from my new born child and the ‘bitmud’ sample from my voice :wink: (roundabout 40 samples)

automation with Live:
Max4Live LFO’s and parameter automation in the time line

Thanks very much to elektron for the new Challenge! Here’s my attempt, Tabla Whip


I like this one! great!



This is my submission to the contest is a very glitchy song using analog rytm overbridge in the performance window.

Now that was fun! Enjoy!

This was very challenging! Thank you for the opportunity :slight_smile:

I believe I’ve exercised every bit of bandwidth between RYTM and Ableton !