Scatter effect module


Anyone know a hardware slicer/scatter module? Something like the one on TB3.
To apply on drum machine or sequenced synths.
Prefferably still in making.
(I know about roland scoop and Boss SL20; something still in the making)


Octatrack :wink:





Roland MX-1 mixer has scatter and a lot more besides, can be found for less than £300, highly recommended if you have some Aira stuff already.


Depending on your budget, maybe look at Gotharman’s stuffs.

It’s pricey, but extremely good. I think that after LD3 release, second hand LD2 are more affordable, and to my opinion really worth it. (to me, this is the best effect unit that I ever purchased, and it can do a lot of things that I did not try yet)


Expensive, yes… :frowning:


No aira owned besides Tb3…


I need something I can apply in realtime, just like the Tb3 scatter…
Virus Ti had that for processing external audio…


The OT can be made to shuffle order in realtime - especially if you have slice selection tied to a random LFO - the depth of shuffling can be tied to the crossfader via lfo depth adjustment, from some to none

it may not be what you need but it is what the earlier poster had intended you to consider as an option


I see, thanks, but I want to affect the incoming audio not internal samples.


What about any of KORG Kaoss Pads?
Not sure how good slicer works there in comparison to Roland Scatter effect.


OT can do!
Not that you should get one for that, but just sayin…


You can do it with the last pass of a buffer recording of the audio at inputs or a mix or etc etc. Nothing can predict ahead of time, so this couldn’t be considered a constraint


The Roland AIRA TR-8 (the first version) could apply the scatter FX to the incoming audio.

(don´t have it anymore, but pretty sure)


What about OT Delay freeze?
Isn’t it the scatter FX @shinobi is looking for ?


I think the AIRA boxes do a little more than “just” glitch-repeats… from what I remember there was some ‘real time reverse audio’ type of thing going on as well, etc.


AIRA Scooper would fit the bill if you can find one. Although you do need to capture the loop first.


Red Panda Particle


Scatter is a combination of processes including repeats, repitch, reverse, filter, re-order, srr, and probably others, could be tricky to get right on the OT but could probably get in the ballpark.

Still think the best option is the MX-1, probably the cheapest too.