Scatter effect module


Here’s a software one if that’s an option for you and more options in the thread:

I don’t know if you have an OT already but here’s this:



Have u thought about the Pioneer RMX? U can get some nice scatter per frequencies, with the model 1000, it is quite nice.


I’ve never tried the Pioneer RMX 1000 (except the iPad app) but I used to have Pioneer RMX 500 and in some aspects I think it’s better than the 1000. I sold it when I quit djing a year ago, but now I want to get one back because basically nothing does what it did for the price. The only downside are lack of (DIN) midisync and the RCA inputs and outputs.

One effect that I would also consider would be Boss RC-20 slicer.



Did you consider the Organelle? It could be a valid option.

I know of a few patches that could work in your case (Granular Freezer, Buffershufflr or even Clds). Plus, you could of course write your own custom effect. It’s a pretty powerful device now that Orac allows chaining.


Thanks guys!
Options : Virus Ti Atomizer, Octatrack delay freeze, Mpc Live xy mode, kaoss pads, even mini kaoss, boss sl-20, pioneer rmx, aira mx1, scooper, red panda particle, electro harmonix.