Dorian most of the time, Pentatonic Minor Ethiopian, Mixolidian, Harmonic Minor, Aeolian…


Dorian is great!
Aeolian my most used, obviously :slight_smile:

Phrygian - Aphex Twin :wink:


What’s this?

I think there are a number of Ethiopian scales …


You’re right, I wasn’t precise. I’m refering to Tezeta Minor, known as Hirajoshi too.

A B C E F, for example.

Mulatu Astatke in Broken Flowers.


i got a kordbot … so

na naana na na


Nice :grinning: a pentatonic minor.

I don’t have an A4, but can’t one basically tune via plocking pitch bend to each voice independently? That means means the A4 is programable as a four-voice microtonal synth with a resolution of 0-127? I don’t know how this would interact with the A4 major/minor scale setting, but the key to these scale flavours, it seems (mainly drawing on my experience with Turkish classical music) is the space between the notes. Thus the need for very fine pitch adjustments for some individual notes. A Greek musician is going to play in the Phrygian mode quite differently than a Turkish player playing Kurdi makam (Turkish equivalent to Phrygian). Theoretically with plocks, any scale is possible on the A4.


Maybe is miss something but how would you play them ?
One different midi channels per voice.
I’m not sure it would work properly with poly either.

Doable with Multi Map with tuned sounds in Sound Pool.


If p locking fine pitch adjustments to the note trigs isn’t satisfactory, I’m not sure. If you mean playing via an external keyboard, I guess the keyboard would need to send pitch bend on individual channels.


If notes are recorded, you can plock fine-tuning, but with external gear I don’t know how you would set pitch bend for specific notes, maybe with a midi processor.


(Bb=A#, Eb=D#, Ab=G#, Db=C#, Gb=F#)

Just find the mode and key you want on the chart and set the arp to the major mode in the corresponding key shown on the left… :sparkles::monkey::sparkles:

-I copied this chart from the Internet, It shows several flat keys at the bottom left, assuming the A4 is like the OT the key can only be set in sharps so I listed the equivalent sharp keys at the bottom just in case…

Analog Four MK2 - TRK KEY SCALE option: still just MAJ and MIN?
A4 Feature Requests

I need to be able to program my own scale and choose each note’s pitch, for melodys and chord, and with external midi keyboard also. Any way to get this out of my A4?

It would be awsome, something like" presse the elektron keyboard and adjust the cent for each note, and saved with the sound parameter…


Yes with Multi Map, you can choose 1 different sound per note, so you can choose sounds with specific tuning for specific notes.


Nice, I while try has soon as I wake up tomorow, now I can stop looking for a solution tonight, thank you seazare56 you saved my night.


Just been thinking, does this allow portamento with monophonic way of playing?


I hope the Analog 4 gets the scales modes and chord modes that the digitone has that would be great








+1 Elektron team UP :slight_smile:


this would be really nice