Analog Four MK2 - TRK KEY SCALE option: still just MAJ and MIN?

I’m aware it used to be just the major and minor scales. I got a Digitone recently - the equivalent setting is “KB SCALE” and it offers all the mode scales (Ionian, Dorian, Mixolydian, etc.).So I was hoping Elektron updated the A4 MK2 to include something more than just MAJ and MIN now. The A4 MK2 user manual does not indicate. Anyone know?

Secondary question: the Analog Four manual mentions that the TRK KEY SCALE option is non-destructive which should mean that switching between MAJ and MIN will transpose the notes in the sequencer track (I think?). Based on my recollection of using the KB CHORD option on my Digitone’s, IIRC it was destructive - meaning the setting just affected the input of notes and did not change the notes in the sequencer when I changed the option. I assume the Digitone’s KB SCALE setting works the same way.

Can anyone confirm that the Digitone’s KB SCALE function and the A4 MK2’s TRK KEY SCALE function work differently in this way?

Chart to get different scales:

Explanation of why this works:


So yeah, I don’t use the setting myself because I like the sound of interchanging modes and use this in most songs I’m trying to make. But I find it’s good for my 4 and 8 year old kids to play around and accompany me when I’m playing a different instrument. I just set the key and mode and they know the left and right-most notes are the key / “home” notes. It’s kind of a novelty use but it’s fun and I was wondering if the A4 could do this. If it just has MAJ and MIN I could leave MAJ on and just tell them which home key to focus on based on the mode and key (as indicated in your chart). A little less convenient but do-able and possibly more educational. I’m just trying to avoid getting them frustrated and confused as I’m trying to baby step them into music making. They’re total beginners at this point and would rather be playing video games.


Yeah, they just would need to update the UI to make it easier, but the modes are available…

Thanks for the info.

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