Saving the current state as a scene on Octatrack

Hello OT’ers,

I was wondering, is it possible to mess about with the various pages/FX etc and then choose to save that current state to a scene? Namely, no requirement to hold down A or B and twiddle the requisite nobs, but simply define the current state as a scene. Then you could continue twiddling and then create another scene, and so on.

I think this would be pretty gnarly for my workflow.

Or have I missed something massive? I mean, I’ve only just discovered that you can ‘mute’ scenes, so I’m obviously somewhere near the beginning of my OT journey.

Either way, I seem to be crap at the whole building up scenes thing, and I suspect I have failed to spot something obvious.

Thanks for any help!!


@roadmoviemusic has the answers that you seek:


Save it as a part is the second best thing

I’m actually looking forward to trying this out.

But parts aren’t scenes, and there are so few parts. So how would this apply?

Definitely it would be great to have a save to scene feature.

That’s just… not how it works. You would have to assign every parameter and there’s not enough memory. As already stated, what you’re asking for is a PART.

just hold down the scene button before you start tweaking everything, then it is a scene.
it couldn’t really be much simpler :slight_smile:


It´s true that parts contain more than p-lockable parameters but I´d like to save a scene faster and more confortably.

I get what you’re saying but you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the architecture, and if you don’t change to work with it, you’ll become frustrated.

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Why do you say so?

Sometimes, and often the case with the Octatrack, wanting something to do what you want it to does not align with how it works. And I’ve seen a lot of people get fixated on the idea that something should work a certain way they think it should, then become too frustrated to get any good use out of it.
Sometimes the machine has to teach you a new way. Design decisions are made for a reason. Maybe not always good, but I think in this case it’s more that you’re thinking about this from the wrong angle.


There’s 4 parts per bank so that’s a a lot of parts. You don’t necessarily have to use all the patterns in a bank before you change it. You won’t be able to wiggle between the two but you can always just resample whatever you need and put it in a static slot, then use scenes to apply whatever performance effects on top of that. @heckadecimal is right, fighting with how the box works generally results in disappointment, but I’m certain you’ll find one of the many ways it does work gets you where you want to go

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I would like a feature maybe simpler to implement! I would like to save the current state of the scene(s), as a new scene. I would call it mid-scene-snapshot.

So like you’re crossfadering away, you find something just right, and you press I dunno, func-a-b-5, and it snapshots your current mid-scene values as new scene 5.

That’s something you can’t currently do, even manually checking through all the pages, because the values don’t update with the cross fader.

I would even be happy with the caveat that cross fader-interpolated values would be quantised!

You could set a small heavy block on the A or B button while you tweak away.

I experimented something yesterday.
When you hold scene buttons, incoming audio tracks parameters CCs are plocked. With midi loopback, set some CCs on some midi tracks, plock them or tweak in live rec, randomize them with lfos.
Hold scenes in audio mode > random scenes!
Make 16 scenes. :tongue:

With CC61 send request, all CCs can be sent. Maybe possible to plock them. Didn’t work yesterday but I should have tried with a Midi track with Auto Channel (11) to send the CC61.
Btw I don’t like to plock everything!

Like this?
OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor




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this x1000. the real solution, not everything needs to be tweaked and most things probably shouldn’t really be tweaked live. experiment, resample, place in your structure and move forward. that way the song will always exist rather than be lost half way between scene 5 and scene 12, 5 banks and 6 patterns deep in your project


Realtime mangling / resampling while randomizing your scenes! :loopy:

Well, I think resampling from a current state is pretty static and really different from setting a scene you can modulate after. Not the same purpose, even if you can resample several scenes modulations bars and slice them!

Maybe you misunderstood me, the only thing I said is that it would be nice not to be pushing the scene button while turning knobs. I got the idea of the parts, but I mean scenes.

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