Saving structure Rytm mk2

as I’m understanding so far, correct me if I’m wrong!

The patterns are not needed to be saved and what u program is just there, and saving patterns is just to recall them if u don’t leave the page?

Kits get saved to the patterns and if it doesn’t get saved it’s just part of the project kit and any changes will affect any other unsaved kits in the project?

Samples in the 128 sample pool are saved as part of the whole project ?

Sounds in the 128 sound pool are saved to the whole project as well ?

What does saving a project actually do? am I correct ? Cuckoos video is a bit drawn out for me to properly understand

Any advice or tips appreciated! Thanks!

Saving a project is crucial to keep everything within it as you want. When you load a new project it will wipe the previous one to the last saved state.

Kits are not tied to patterns, they are interchangeable which can lead to interesting results!

You have the idea of patterns down, saving them first then tweaking things around is fun, then func+ no will reload your saved state.

Samples are saved in the project, but the sound pool can be used across patterns. However, if you’ve saved a sound in the pool that includes a sample, the sample will need to be loaded into the sample slots of the new project.

Seems confusing at first but it’ll sink in after some time, I lost a bunch of patterns in the first few months.


But I think the question is “What does SAVE PROJECT actually do?”

Because you have to manually save KITS, manually save SOUDNS, manually save PATTERNS, manually save SONGS.

It doesn’t seem SAVE PROJECT actually saves anything other than maybe the GLOBAL slots?

Also, how do you know if any of your KITS are unsaved? For example, if I edit Kit 1 (but don’t save), then switch to a new Pattern which is tied to Kit 2 and then edit Kit 2… I now have two unsaved Kits, Kit 1 & Kit 2. How can I tell that they are unsaved? It is crucial information it seems, as the only way to save your Kit 1 is to switch back to the Pattern tied to Kit 1 and save the Kit.

Is there anyway to do a SAVE ALL Kits?

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IIRC there s a setting for disabling persistance of unsaved kits when moving to a pattern with another kit. Meaning that when you go back to the first pattern the kit will revert to the saved state. I prefer this for live gig situations. And it forces me to always save kit changes explicitly.

Saving the project saves the currently active project to the current memory slot. If you don ‘t do that before loading another project you ll lose pattern and kit changes. This happened to me by accident.


Oh, wow, so even if you save the KITS, it only saves to the active PROJECT, and the PROJECT itself needs to be saved as well. That makes sense now.

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I don’t really need to change projects until I get familiar with the file structure.
So saving project will save the patterns to that project … I can understand that.

but does it save the kits and samples and sounds to that project also?

But When I save a kit to a pattern it seems to stay with the patten,
I have a couple different patterns in a project with different sounds and samples
and when I change pattern the kit changes with it…

if I start a new pattern and don’t save a kit it seems to be the same and change the sounds samples etc as the last pattern I was on… are u sure kits are not tied to patterns?

I’m not worried about projects just yet

You don’t save a kit “to” a pattern. Kits are separate structures on the +drive. Just a link to the kit gets stored with the pattern.

That’s because by default the new pattern gets linked to the kit which is actually loaded (the kit which is linked to the pattern you’ve played before). Only when you save the kit under a new name it becomes separated from the previous one.


That setting seems to make more sense. I will try it tonight do a few more tests lol…

It’s definitely convoluted but think its do this way because of limited ram and to make each part of sound patterns etc interchangeable

Ok got it thanks… so it stays wth the pattern not in the pattern

The kit structure has nothing to do with limited RAM, but with flexibility. Sharing kits between patterns make sense for pattern to pattern transitions. Think of kits as orchestras. Once you have set them up, you can play multiple musical sections with them. With a real orchestra you wouldn’t re-assembly them just because the next section (pattern) starts, wouldn’t you?

Suppose you modify a sound while pattern A is playing (let’s say a kick drum). When you want to keep that changed kick drum playing also in pattern B (for consistency reasons), than this is only possible when both patterns share the same kit.

Right. This makes it also quite easy to try different kits with a single pattern. Nothing gets lost when you switch the linked kit, because the previous one is still there where you saved it.

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Yeah I did kinda guess that it’s to keep everything flexible and can make changes follow into next pattern if needed or have kits completely change going into next pattern also…

I’ve had a tr8 and an Electribe just changing patterns and having everything saved to each pattern is a bit basic I can understand why it needs to be complicated…

Thanks for the advice man!

What is the easiest way to see if a PROJECT has unsaved changes?
What is the easiest way to if a KIT has unsaved changes?
What is the easiest way to see if a SOUND has unsaved changes?
What is the easiest way to see if a PATTERN has unsaved changes.

For example, on the Octatrack it shows a * next to the PART if it is unsaved?

Does the RYTM have similar functionality? I have read the manual but am still confused by this point of knowing when something is in an UNSAVED state…

I’m still learning, Not sure if there is a way to tell I’m just saving if done something I like at moment

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AR does not provide this. It does store the current state of anything in the active project, and most things except non-active kits when the AR is powered down, so saving is best done whenever you have anything that you like that you would like to retrieve after future editing. See pages 24-26 in the manual for details.

OK I understand this. But basically what you are saying is that if I am working on a set and I have a finished it.

If I didn’t hit SAVE PATTERN on every single pattern…

The ONLY way to save all patterns at that point is to go to EACH pattern (128 different ones) and hit SAVE pattern? That is the only way?

If that is the case, then Elektron should definitely add a way to do a SAVE ALL PATERNS or SAVE ALL KITS, etc.

I know this topic has been discussed to death, but…

After finishing a set (meaning you are happy with the active save state), there is basically no way at that point to actually SAVE ALL paterns without doing it 1 by 1. That’s asinine.

As far as I understand patterns just are just there and don’t need to be saved,
Saving patterns is just a recall function

unless you change projects that’s when they can be wiped
So saving project will save the patterns

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According to page 24 of the manual:

Within an active project, all changes made are automatically remembered by the Analog Rytm MKII, letting
you switch back and forth between patterns and kits and edit the patterns, kits, and parameters in
any order you like without the need to save each adjustment manually. Patterns, the active kit Sounds, and
settings, songs and globals are remembered even after the power is turned off.

According to page 41 of the manual:

SAVE PATTERN will save changes made to the active pattern. This is a special feature available in addition
to the general, automatic, saving of patterns which occur when patterns are changed. The feature is
useful in situations where a pattern is being worked on, the results are desirable, and you want to keep
on working with the pattern while having the ability to revert to a specifically saved state.

No. Just save the Project.

If I give you specific references to the manual, why not read them?

Yes I understand that. But generally it is smart to do also do a SAVE PATTERN on all active patterns (so that the saved pattern matches the active pattern) to cement the project down and allow for reverting patterns later as you experiment and play live.

I have read the manual many times. It is the larger concept of how it works from an abstract perspective that needs to stick into the mind.

Yes, if you want to be able to revert to that state after making further changes.

SAVE PATTERN is a temporary state. This command has nothing to do with saving patterns indefinitely. SAVE PROJECT is the only command that “permanently” records the pattern state.