Save content of RAM machine?

The manual for the MD (page 71) speaks of a RAM to ROM copy, in which you can apparently save whatever you have sampled, permanently, to a ROM slot.

Unfortunately, the manual lacks much of an explanation of how this is done. I’ve tried it at least ten times, and have tried performing the copy/paste operations is various ways, but to no success. I don’t see any prompt that says anything is being copied, and when I try to paste into a ROM machine or slot, I don’t get a prompt saying that anything has been pasted, either.

Am I missing something here, or is the manual wrong? I’m pulling my hair out because this is feature that I really want to work!

Thank you, Elektronauts, for your help!

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It’s pretty simple - you do it via the Global Sample Management menu.

You go into your samplebank, into the list of samples, and find the RAM slots at the end. Copy the sound here, then move up to a ROM slot, and paste.

You will probably want to name the sample now, as it will just say …

Also - this reloads the sample bank as far as I can tell. Your ram sample might not be there anymore in RAM…only in ROM. Double check that.


workes for me,
can you confirm that you have been doing this in GLOBAL > FILE > SAMPLE MANAGER, and not from the kit edit menu?

Dude, thank you so much! That was it. I hadn’t scrolled to the bottom of the Sample Manager menu where the specific RAM/ROM slots are located (I forgot about that even though I now remember reading it somewhere in the manual…?). I had tried copying the machine, and not the dedicated RAM slot. Good grief
And yes, when you SAVE the sample to a ROM slot, the MD clears all RAM machines. So you definitely want to COPY/PASTE all RAM samples to ROM slots before saying “yes” to the last step of the saving operation.
This just goes to show how important a well written manual really is. ELEKTRON, please take note!
Thanks guys.


I just had the same problem the day before yesterday. I pulled out the old Casio SK-1 and was sampling it into ram machines. I read the manual description twenty times. It took me over an hour, until I finally scrolled to the end of the samplebank by accident and noticed the ram and rom slots in the bank.

“You will probably want to name the sample now, as it will just say …”

I did not know that you could name tha samples. Only owned the MD for five years or so…good always to learn something new.
Always felt it was occued to keep uin mind the slot number for every sample :confused:

To me the biggest downside is that samples saved in this way are very large from the MD perspective.

depends, you can adjust samplerate & length when recording!

Yep, you can make the sample time to be as short as you want. No space wasted! I find the 2.5MB per Snapshot to be plenty of space, and I sample lots of ARPs, pads, etc. from other synths.

I am so in love with this feature. The ability to sample directly into the MD makes it far more than just a drum machine (which it is amazing at being even without sampling). The MD+ is more like an ‘all-in-one’ jam box (that term sounds too cheap though).

Hi there! Newb here!

So I found the RAM sample in the Global settings, but when y’all say “paste it to a ROM slot” I am a bit lost. Is that just “anything not marked with an R1, R2, etc”?

I THINK I did this right, but it didn’t give me the opportunity to rename it, so now I am unsure and can’t find it.

The sampling is HELLA fun, but I want to make sure I can save the results of my endeavors! :slight_smile:

EDITED TO ADD Well, I answered my own question about whether it worked. I just didn’t get to name it.

Hey all,

I’ve recently decided to give the RAM machines another go, and would like to save something I’ve sampled. I’ve followed the instructions on page 71 of the manual (focus on P1, Global > Sample Manager > [FN] + [Rec] to copy > [FN] + [Stop] to paste in the slot of my choosing…and nothing happens. So what steps am I missing? Can someone explain this like I’m 5?

Peep this thread I started on this very topic, not too long ago:

The manual gives you clues how to do this, but the clues are scattered throughout the manual = useless.

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Thank you! I knew there had been some recent discussion, but couldn’t find the thread. Awesome. This opens up a lot of potential for me.

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Maybe this can shed dome light for you…

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RAM Playback samples how do we get them into ROM slots without a computer? Better yet making them ROM without a third party device i.e., TM-1/C6 to transfer them out and then back in, remember can’t turn the machine off in-between.

In sample manager highlight the RAM machine then press FUNC + COPY and then highlight the destination ROM slot and press FUNC + PASTE.


To give just a little more clarification, the RAM slots are found at the very end of the Sample Manager list. So if you sample to R1, scroll to the very bottom of the list and you should be able to find your sample, at which point copy and paste as mentioned above.


Hey thanks boys, these machines still amaze me, they’re just so involved. The other day on the MnM I discovered Multi Trig mode. Go figure.

M’y main grief about the uw is it is so menu diving to keep the RAM content… À shortcut would have been extra… Too late now…

Yeah, it’s a bit of a pain, and also the fact that you have to load a new machine (ROM vs RAM) on the track(s) you are using that sample on, which means you lose all the track settings (I think you can press Fn+Enter to load and preserve the last two screens of parameters, but the first screen will be reset)