Sampling or Sample Transfer

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Which is the best way to acquire a sample in MDUW, sampling RAM and then move the sample to +drive or send the sample trough DAW to the MD? Is there any difference in quality reduction between those 2 methods?

The difference worths the hassle or its quite the same quality either way?

i am sampling from CDs mainly


No difference in quality as they will all be down sampled to fit the MD’s requirements anyway, so it’s down to what’s most convenient. If you’re sampling from CDs rather than capturing on the fly, I’d be tempted to do a bulk Sysex transfer.

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sample transfer is easier to control, plus you can make sample chains for slots 25-32 (I think those are the right numbers?)

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Is this mentioned in the manual?
Don’t think I’ve heard of this yet…

The high # sample slots work so the start param goes through the sample linearly (64 is half way through, 96 is 3/4 etc), so you can put a bunch of short hits together in one sample slot. It’s more of a big deal if you don’t have a + drive, but it’s still really useful to have access to more sounds at once.

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i remember noticing on a thread, a fellow user indicated they were keen to share a sysex file that is like a template for remixing using the samplechain idea for md

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Or a big deal for anyone who likes to modulate the start/end parameters of the sample with an LFO


so essentially it would be a cool idea to have a prepared Pattern as a template.

kept aside in say Bank H.

this template pattern would essentially have a two bar loop in the Rom slot, the hold/dec parameter set to about two beats’ worth of time. then a series of p-locked Trigs every 8th Trig in a 2 bar sequence. The parameter lock advances the start point of the loop by a value of 4, for each Trig.

also, the technique only works if the current bpm is the same as the loop’s bpm

when storing a loop rather than a sample, try and note the bpm in the name somehow, leaving out the 1 if the value is over 99, to conserve precious letters when naming.


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