Samples from Mars Black Friday

So all the Samples from Mars are on sale for $49. That’s got to be a no brainer, right?
Anyone with any experience of using them with your DT?

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no brainer. They sound amazing


I just picked them up today myself.

Only problem born is trying to pick out of 60 gb of samples.

I loaded them into a sample manager.

It’s 75.8 thousand samples.


I’ll never download any drum sample anymore.
Their free stuff was already amazing.


They’re very good but it’s a tale of two halves for me. The way the drums are laid out are great for the takt but I don’t find myself using the synths at all because the way they get pitched up and down doesn’t sound good to me. Personally i think single cycle waveforms sound wayyy better.

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The unfathomable amount of choice was making me weep thinking about it.

So glad I got Atlas, XO and Synonym.

That way I can juggle search algorithms.

Is the “Essentials” a good option for this specific thought?


I actually don‘t think so. It is quite limited in the synth selection. But for the drums I think it‘s ok.


I mainly use their drum samples over their synth samples. Great company.

Indeed it is. Only 1GB and a good bit of everything. Weeds out the multi-samples considerably.

I did this last year and it was the best thing I ever did for my Digitakt. Spent about two days culling through samples and making a “best of” for bass drums, snares etc. Tedious, but worth it.

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I’d go through the samples auditioning them on a computer and directly sample in the ones you like. It’s much more personal that way, and you get the DT magic on the file with gain staging etc.

Much better than dumping hundreds of samples and not having any connection to them.


I bought them a year ago for the same price - I think - and actually never used any of it. It is just too f***ing much.

It’s the Omnisphere of Samples. :rofl:

I just cannot handle this amount of files and now that I think about it only downloaded the Essentials ever!!

And it has nothing to do with their sound quality here, its good stuff.

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Some of the loops content in the bundle (especially the vocoded drum loops) I remember being quite good. Yes it’s a lot, and the Essentials pack is mostly good, but there’s some other great stuff in there if you dig in

Luckily they broke up everything into the machine it was sampled on, so I finally have all the linn drum samples.

I usually use the drum racks in logic, so having such variety is great.

it might be fun to pick a folder and make a track… great way to really get the practice in.

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Spent the evening downloading the packs, separating out the Ableton/Maschine/Kontakt/WAV folders and resaving to external drive. Got 2/3 of the way through.

Continuing today. Then backing up my backup to some extra SD cards.
After that, massive browsing sessions and creating my own sub folders of favourites.

Then direct sampling and loading samples to the SP404mk2, Digitakt, BlackBox, Force.

My suggestion is DO NOT purchase the mega bundle, it’s a lot of work!!

Ok, get it, actually.

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I’d love to hear something you made and saying which samples you used!

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It’s a dope pack. A whole bunch of it doesn’t load on SP404 though. Not sure why, but I got so many Unsupported File errors that I just stopped trying.

I’m not home to check, but I think there are a couple different formats in the folder.

To save space, just load the .wav folder.