Sample digging


I sample vinyl, cassettes, synths, instruments (ie: thumb piano, harmonica, guitar, xylophone, shakers, ect), found sounds, vocals… anything & everything. I love warping sounds into something different & love using sounds that challenge me.

When I first started this journey I bought all kinds of random records, I’d play a record, sample the first song I heard & make something out of it no matter what the song was. I did this for a long time. Even though I made a lot of shit it taught me what to listen for, what types of sounds I like & it taught me how to get creative with sound. I wanted to learn & I was obsessed. As time went on, every once in awhile I allowed myself to really listen & pick the songs to sample. Sample things that inspired me & I really felt, which taught me more about the things I liked sampling & what to listen for. It also gets me motivated & excited to work with what I sampled.

Even when I use my synths I like sampling them. I’ll make my sounds, play notes & melodies, just jamming out while sampling everything, then I’ll further manipulating the sounds as a sample.

When it comes to the sounds I sample & the genre’s, I’m all over the place & I couldn’t list a favorite. Beautiful sounds can be found everywhere & can be made out of almost anything.


Kind of a Google earth of radio stations. A lot of fun for sampling, but also for discovering music in general. There’s also an app.


Haha oh yeah, I always listen up and think about further use cases whenever I notice a really nicely isolated element in any music I hear.


up to 11 playlists hahah