Sample digging


Wow, I’m just gonna post that when people express the OT’s too difficult or don’t like the manual… :joy:
At 35 seconds he says it has Allen Bradley controls… :joy: @bradleyallen :thinking:
I deffinately want to sample that, it’s hilarious…


True story. I was named this way on purpose. Those stop/start buttons with the A-B logo? All of those fond memories are part of my boot ROM. For more geeky fun, check out one of the main characters in Tron. None of this is accidental.


speaking of old japanese stuff, I grab those kind of LPs a lot but prefer 80s stuff bc of the quality synth lines. I use anime soundtracks more. They aren’t as easy to find but many are quite rare and unheard of now.
I also love sampling from movies (often LP version). Been sampling apocolypse now lately. There are some really good cs80 sounds but it also has some great vocals and drum hits even.


I’m currently waitin for the new hc-tt to drop. i missed my chance for the first one.


This website shows tracks on Spotify that have 0 plays. Lots of crap but sometimes you find some obscure gems with it. I sample it with my audio interfaces‘ loopback function (better quality than youtubes‘ 192 kbps resolution too)

Besides that I love 2nd hand recordshops but these became rare where I live)


I’ve been doing this a lot recently. Old videos are great material, drug propaganda videos are my personal favourite. Dragging up the old thread, anyone been sampling anything unusual lately?


oh nice! Could you share them?


Recently came back to putting everything through extreme settings on Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch. Anything can sound like drones from hell with that tool :blush::+1:


Yeah can do when I get a chance to. Littleuns really ill I’ve got my hands full but i’ll try put something up when I get back in the studio.

@toodee shame it’s not on mac. I like extreme time stretching a lot. I make some crunchy drums and super timestretch stuff with OT and get earl sweatshirt sort of dark sounds, goes great with slow rap


I just downloaded the Windows binary and it works on my MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) running macOS 10.14.2 Mojave with the Wine compatibility layer installed.

No need for a Windows machine or to run Windows in emulation. Wine is akin to magic.


Oh cool I’ve used wineskin, mostly for game emulation stuff. I never considered using it for audio stuff, good looks


I found theres a basement shop a 15 minute walk from where i live that has 2 rooms stacked with cheap records. I want to make an hour of music just records, octatrack, sp404, drum machine and monologue




Came across these from the BBC. Cool I thought. I was up early.

I clicked on one called Agitated Birds.

Bad mistake at 4:30am. My cuppa almost flew across the room and I almost ripped my ears off taking out my headphones.

Anyway :wink:


I can’t say this is true. Grab a sp 404 and run that internet sample through it. Then sample into digitakt. Instant lofi or vaporwave producer.


I add stuff to playlists on spotify everytime i hear something worth sampling, Got 3 playlists with 10k songs on it and I shuffle through until I find something inspiring.


Same here, I find that there are many benefits to this as well as some disadvantages, but it can be a great and often overlooked source of samples.

Also for instruments that are not easily controlled it is super convenient.


how cute ^^


Another tip, . You can search a word or phrase and it scans thousands of movie scripts and gives you quotes with time stamps. Sometimes they’re very slightly off but it puts you in the general vicinity of where you can find a sample you’re looking for.


Great thread, I’m glad it was revived. That first post with radiooooo is real rad.

If anyone has ever checked out that site is cool. It shows you where all the daft punk, Kanye, anco etc. samples came from with the original recordings too