RYTM > OT program change not working



Program change from AR > OT is not working. AR is master.
It worked for a few minutes last night and then I cam to studio this morning and its not changing patterns via program change.

I have:
AR MIDI config > Sync > Program change send on, transport send on, clock send on
OT MIDI config > program change rec. on, transport rec. on, clock rec on.

AR MIDI cable out SYNC A
OT MIDI cable in MIDI IN

It should be working… it was… I Have a live show next weekend and appreciate ANY help. Seems like a lot of people have had this issue too but Im not finding any solutions.



hadn’t noticed that

do you have AR MIDI set up for and going to DIN or USB+DIN and not just USB e.g.

Plus you say Sync A - You mean MIDI Out - you don’t have DIN-SYNC enabled ?! - you shouldn’t, that’s different for older rolands etc

also check cables

you won’t be able to sequence half of the OT’s 256 programs, but the first 128 on the first 8 banks should be addressable

so where(links) are these other people reporting this same issue ?



AR MIDI setup is for MIDI and USB at the moment. have tried only MIDI but that doesn’t work.
Yes - I mean MIDI out.
Checked cables, they fine, brand new.
I dont need all 256, I’d be happy with one right now!

Theres some threads about same issue with OT as slave or talking about ableton.


Probably muddying the waters there - The Plug shape is DIN - i simply meant MIDI via DIN (not to be confused with DIN-sync which utilises the same plug/socket format but different wiring and protocol)

Oh yeah - So you’ve touched on this timing issue via those other threads whereby the program change is sorta lost as it’s cued somehow based on master lengths etc - all i’d do in your case is keep things simple by testing on short normal patterns initially (and AR only) and feed the output (even via usb midi) to a midi monitor on a computer if possible - then see when the message is sent (and of course if) - if those are coming when you expect/want, then work at it with OT hooked up - look at your AR pattern change mode too (Direct etc)

with simple patterns this ought to be straightforward - have you definitely still got the AR sending on the same Prg Chg channel that the OT is expecting - might you have changed this ? - it may be set to Auto on the OT - ensure that the AR is set to the same number that the OT auto channel is (or vice versa so they match)


I have awoken and I am commencing testing! lol.

you reckon direct might be better?
yup program channels are same.

going to make new projects and send simple stuff.
I changed all my track lengths back to short to test initially but will try from scratch

cheers for input!


OK I have it working: AR is sending clock and program change to the OT. Even though the midi channels were correct initially, I switched them around a bit and its working. dunno, anyway - for those out there who need this, this is what I have:

MIDI cable out AR to MIDI in on OT
AR MIDI ports > Output to MIDI + USB works fine
OUTPUT Channel AUTO > IMPORTANT to make sure that the AUTO channel in on OT is set to the same channel.
AR Channels > Program change set to AUTO > AUTO channel in my case is 14

OT MIDI CHANNELS > Auto set to 14.

Thats it. I change patterns on the AR and the OT patterns change too.

I did this in a simple project with matching 16 steps on each machine.
if there are inconsistent sequence lengths across the machines I predict it would PROG change at different times.