Rytm mkII Audio In

I know Audio In inputs are for sampling and Ext In ones for mixing external audio into the compressor but I just rewatched Elektron presentation video (just for fun and because Cenk is awesome) and I noticed the A4mkII is plugged into the ARmkII Audio In. Weird… Check it out!

First reaction : Wow the Rytm Mkii is definitely huge! Saw it was AR and A4 after. :joy:

Isn’t it just for recording?

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Yes but he probably just turned monitoring on and as he uses the A4 for only one bass line, the fact that it’s summed to mono is not an issue.

Ok so you can monitor in mono, but with FX ?
IIRC with Digitakt you can’t monitor with FX.

No, it’s the same as Digitakt

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‘…added sampling functionality to the AR MKII…’ :sob: :smiley: