Rytm mkII Audio In

I know Audio In inputs are for sampling and Ext In ones for mixing external audio into the compressor but I just rewatched Elektron presentation video (just for fun and because Cenk is awesome) and I noticed the A4mkII is plugged into the ARmkII Audio In. Weird… Check it out!

First reaction : Wow the Rytm Mkii is definitely huge! Saw it was AR and A4 after. :joy:

Isn’t it just for recording?

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Yes but he probably just turned monitoring on and as he uses the A4 for only one bass line, the fact that it’s summed to mono is not an issue.

Ok so you can monitor in mono, but with FX ?
IIRC with Digitakt you can’t monitor with FX.

No, it’s the same as Digitakt

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‘…added sampling functionality to the AR MKII…’ :sob: :smiley:


Sorry to revive this old thread… but I know the admins like to use existing topics rather than create brand new shiny ones.

So, although the Rytm Mkii audio ins sample in mono / or sum both inputs (L+R) into a mono sample, I was wondering if the Rytm can monitor these inputs in stereo?

I have an additional synth on the way, which has stereo output, and the only inputs I have left are these Rytm audio ins.

The Audio In are monitored in mono as well.
On the other hand, you can use the Ext In in stereo and go through the compressor.


Thank you.
Yes - Ext In already being used :frowning:
Guess I’ll have to run my synth in mono.

Are you using OB?

Not using OB while producing, why?

By using OB, you have the AR’s Audio IN in stereo.

Cool, thanks for that tip!

I’m wondering if i could use the AR inputs to use the Rytm as a mixer, just like i use the Octatrack. That would be cool as with only 2 inputs i could plug the AR and more 2 mono synths. Is this possible ?

I’m fairly sure you don’t have independent pan control of the two INs. One is hard left, the other hard right. If you plug two mono devices in, one will appear left, the other right.

Also, the INs are connected into the signal path before the compressor. Any signal you input will be compressed, and will affect the compression of the other AR sounds. Often you’ll want this, but it’s worth remembering you don’t have a choice.

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I still don’t understand why there is no mixer like the A4 has. At least for leveling.

Literally every other thing in the AR has a level/volume control. Maybe they thought our minds would melt if they added one more.

…a4 also has a nice mixer for the tracks… miss this one as well…

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Reviving this thread; my AR mk2 cant sample or monitor via audio in because the signal it receives is always too low? tried with both Ableton and now a TB303; just a very weak signal which it then normalizes with a bunch of noise.

I just checked; it seems like a hardware bug… my Digitakt find the same signal no problem; the rytm gets such a faint signal it cant even monitor it.