Rytm has a burned LCD


I just got my screen replaced by Elektron. Not as bad as some of the photos posted here, but right side of screen was getting worse over time.


I didn’t say that Elektron doesn’t reply on tickets.
What I mean, it would help people owning a box with faulty display, that Elektron for example would make a “sticky” on this forum or in this topic about these displays, which are not reliable.
Just some words considering this problem from Elektron would be a nice gesture but instead its quiet.
It’s a well known issue isn’t it?


Responding to tickets and fixing the issue is the definition of support.

They are doing that.


It would be nice to have some public acknowledgements of known faults, as well as a bit of explanation or technical background on the issue. This would be considered “good business practice” - but I suppose its not absolutely “necessary”.

What I dont get is all the defensiveness in favor of the corporation vs the customers. While these sorts of issues are always a matter of a specific circumstance, I would say that in this particular case its just bullshit… IMHO.

But then again… what do I know? Who am I to speak in such a way? All that kind of thing, etc. You can take it or leave it, but hopefully Im allowed to have a divergent opinion once in a while. O great moderators, allow me this boon on such an auspicious day, and praise be to you and your almighty clan. :bow:


Saying that Elektron is offering “No support” is problematic and unfair when they are indeed responding to tickets (the official means in which to obtain support ) and servicing devices.

I’m only defending the facts.


Besides, stating that these displays are just not reliable is forgetting the large majority that actually work flawlessly.

The fact that Elektron have switched to better displays might be seen as a will to rise their standard in such matter.


what’s a fair price for a RYTM with a screen burn issue? thinking of selling mine - i have kept it in pristine condition, however it developed this problem whilst laying dormant for several weeks :frowning:


Before determining a price I would suggest having a long 2+ hour session with it to see if it resolves the problem.

I spent a month away from my machines this summer and upon first boot up I noticed a dark area on the left side. I jammed for a couple hours and to my delight the display corrected itself by the end.


thanks for the reply. i tried leaving it on for 4 days, but the burn issue is still there, although it did improve ever so slightly :frowning:

i also wouldn’t feel good about selling it with a previous burn issue to an unsuspecting customer!


Tell your customer Elektron will provide a new display for free, cause that’s what they should do if they have a bit of customer care.


Hi everyone , my a4 is having display problem, is there any solution to this problem?

by solution i mean replacement display of better quality?

i am aware there is a ebay seller is selling replacement display ? is it good ? please any advice or help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Ask Elektron they provide a new display for free, cause that’s what they should do if they have a bit of customer care.
Elektron knows about these problems for a long time.
No excuse.


Why not just contact them and ask what they can do to remedy the situation? No need to presume they’re trying to screw their customers from the outset. It’s an approach I find works more often than not.


Hi, thanks, i am not quit sure i need to install the same display that died on me after only 2-3y.d , because i don’t wanna do it every 2-3 y.

I am thinking, if i have to go trough this soldering and staff, than i might as well try to install better q. display, if there is one ? That is why i am here, if anyone knows for better solution to old display ? If not , i am left with same ol-new quality display from elektron. I did the support ticked thing already btw. Thanks


What did support say? Not sure there‘s soldering on the A4 side involved.


There is indeed soldering involved on the A4 and AR displays.

I think they just had a bad batch of displays from their supplier. I have a first-batch ARmk1 and the screen has been fine. I just hate the LCDs because they are slow to update the screen


i will let you know as soon as i get replay, but it is weekend. Actually my A4 is maybe still under warranty, i have to check…but i am not sending it anywhere, i am in the middle of my project, and the screen is only starting to show same issues on the right side of the screen, it looks like it is slowly fading out in the shape of the half moon. I still can read out everything, but when the time comes, i want to be ready, meaning , i want to have new display ready to swap.


I recently filed a support ticket as my RYTM developed this issue. I will let you know what they say if I ever get a response!

Also wondering what the resale value might be as I’m considering selling my RYTM for a cut throat price. Still works like a dream and it’s not very intrusive


today my AR looks like this , I noticed over the compresor line the same issue . Already open ticket support .



My A4 was under the warranty, Elektron support guys ( Olle ) were great and fast and responsive, they have send me new display for free within the week time, they even payed the UPS shipment fee. The new display looks great. I think it is overall a little bit sharper than the old one. Anyhow it really looks new :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thanks Olle!